Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Kid Snippets: Imagined by kids

Imagine if you let kids narate a story and then got adults to act it out. Wouldn't that be super hilarious?

It is. It is super hilarious.

Kid Snippets is my new favourite thing.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Red Bull Wings For Life World Run

The Wings For Life World Run is basically fitness for a good cause. The African leg of the global sporting and fundraising event for research into curing debilitating spinal cord injury take place in Cape Town at Boschendal Wine Estate in Franschhoek on the 4th of May 2014.

The more entries, the more money is raised

Thousands of runners will start simultaneously in 38 locations on 5 continents. The starting line is set but each runner’s finish is determined by their ability and resolve. So if you can only manage 10km's, you're running those 10km's for a really great cause.

The Wings for Life World Run is raising funds for necessary research that will ultimately benefit people living with disabilities all over the world

100% of proceeds from race entries will benefit the Wings for Life Foundation, and research into finding a cure for spinal cord injury. The administrative costs incurred by the Foundation, and the organisational costs of the World Run are covered by Red Bull and other supporters.

Over three million people around the world are already living with a spinal cord injury. Every year,more than 500 South Africans sustain a spinal cord injury as a result of trauma often leading to severe lifelong physical disability. Many of these injuries occur in young people aged between 15 and 29 years. Importantly, the World Run will create awareness of spinal cord injury in South Africa and therefore encourage support of local NGOs that lasts long after the event.

Find out more

More information can be found on the website and this video explains the World Run format.

Date: 4 May 2014

Start: 12h00

Venue: Boschendal Wine Estate in Franschhoek

Entry to the South African leg of the Wings For Life World Run costs R250 including VAT, and that entire amount goes to the Wings For Life Foundation – no deductions for event costs or admin or anything else at all. Find out more and register here.

Review: Life Day Spa at Crystal Towers Hotel

There's nothing like a Friday morning massage to celebrate your newly acquired freelance hours. So it was that I booked a treatment at Life Day Spa at the Crystal Towers Hotel out at Century City. My sweet friend Roxanne gifted me with a massage voucher last year and I had been waiting for just the right time to cash in. A celebration of a leap of faith into possible poverty/success seemed like just the right occasion.

Everything about Life Day Spa is luxurious. From the actual hotel itself (very sparkly and shiny) to the luxe changing room and fluffy robes. 

I started off my spa day with a treatment I'd never experienced before, the Middle Eastern Mud Ritual Rasul Chamber. Try saying that 3 times over. Man, was I in for a treat!

Based on the traditional Turkish bath (which I once saw on a travel show and which looks equally thrilling and terrifying), this exfoliating and cleansing ritual uses pure natural medicinal earth mud to cleanse and detoxify the body.

First, you step into a darkened steam room with soft music playing and tiny twinkly lights that resemble thousands of stars sparkling in the ceiling . Lucky for me I was alone so I didn't have to bother with a bikini and enjoyed it in the nude. You rub an exfoliant all over your body and then rinse away the mixture before applying this medicinal mud all over your pink little naked body.

Then you lie back and relax as the room heats up a little more and you contemplate your life. My thoughts were as follows: 

"I wonder what's going on in my emails. Stop thinking about your emails! Typical of our modern society, come to relax in a mud chamber and all you can think about is your email inbox. Relax harder. This mud feels so nice. Lucky I'm alone in here. Emails! Hope nobody is trying to get hold of me while I try to enjoy my mud relaxation ceremony. People really don't respect private time anymore. Such a cheek of them to expect me to think about their emails while I am trying to relax in my sacred mud ceremony." 

Eventually, with about 6 minutes to spare, I started to fully relax. Which, to be fair, is more than some people can say. And when I finally did relax, it felt amazing.

To complete the ceremony, this amazing, warm tropical rain shower opens up and washes away the mud providing an all over cleansing and rejuvenating experience. I had an actual smile on my face when this happened and I spread my arms like the heroine in a romantic comedy. 

This ceremony can be enjoyed as a group or with a partner. The Rasul Chamber can accommodate up to 4 people at a time. 

Check out their website for specials or to book. 

Monday, April 14, 2014

Freelancers: Here's Your Guide To Free Wifi

Yours Truly on Long Street has free wifi and serves Deluxe coffee

This morning I asked on Twitter if Tribe Coffee in Woodstock had free wifi. My friend @RickBosch quickly responded with this link. Freelancers of South Africa, enjoy your comprehensive guide to free wifi.

Hair Love: Retail Box

For all your online haircare needs, there is now Retail Box. Shop top haircare brands online and get free delivery on any order over R500. Stunning!

Retail Box is running a fun Easter Egg hunt where you could WIN a R500 voucher and hamper by finding any three of the 15 easter eggs they've hidden on the site. 

I just ordered the Moroccanoil Extra Volume Shampoo and Conditioner and I am embarrassingly excited! I almost went for my favourite Redken All Soft, but then I was like, let's try something new. 

So hopefully I'll be washing my hair with the sweet smells of Argan Oil soon and I can report back on what this range does for my hair. 

PS. If there's one thing you can't be living without, it is the Tangle Teezer. Not to give anything away, but check out that easter egg! Click click!

Also, they are having a sneaky sale on ghd's so now is your chance to get your hands on one! The eclipse is marked down and so is this fun little bag of ghd happiness! 

#EatCapeTown: Azure at the Twelve Apostles

As Capetonians, we don't normally eat out at the restaurants within our five star hotels. Not because of any price point issues, just because we aren't really a "hotel-socialising culture". We rarely visit hotel bars or make dinner reservations in the hotel restaurant unless we staying over. This is something that I will definitely be changing, as I've had the opportunity to dine at a couple of local hotel eateries recently and I was blown away by the stunning menus, service and experience!

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to dine at Azure at the Twelve Apostles Hotel & Spa. I often visit the Leopard Bar for the most magnificent view and sunsets, but this was the first time I had dined at the restaurant. The Leopard Bar is on the balcony, overlooking the Atlantic, with Lion's Head to the right and the quiet giants, the Twelve Apostles looming silently behind.

Azure Restaurant is plush and luxurious with the breeze from the sea blowing salty freshness into the dining room. The wine list includes some of the Cape's finest wines and the award-winning sommelier is friendly and very knowledgeable.

Springbok Carpaccio

Mauritian Seabass

Everything about Azure just emanates luxury and warmth. The food was truly remarkable and the wine suggested by our sommelier was just perfect. This is the perfect venue for a special lunch or a romantic date. I really can't wait to go back for another delicious experience.

The hotel also has a more relaxed Cafe Grill and a Tea by the Sea offering, that you can view on their website.

#WeAreCapeTown - Cape Town By Locals

I made this video last year for a campaign that never kicked off. But I like it so much and I really didn't want it to never see the light of day, so I thought I'd share it here.

The concept is really simple: It's Cape Town, by locals. I downloaded a bunch of Instagram videos off my account and a few others (with their permission) and edited them down into this video.

I believe that what travellers want right now, is to live like the locals. I know that's what I want to do. So before I visit a destination, I'll search for local bloggers, videos made by the people who live there, follow a couple of locals on that I can get a feel for what it's like to be a local.

Capetonians share the most amazing images and videos every day. This is just a small taste of what the local life is really like here.

If you like it, share it. If you like the hashtag, fell free to use it.