Sunday, June 26, 2011

Breaking News: French Bulldog Breeding Cult In East Londong

I've been trying for a while now to find a French Bulldog puppy to surprise Nash with on his birthday. He really really wants one and I like to give him what he wants. I've searched all over the interwebs, and I've managed to find 4 different French Bulldogs breeders who all happen to have a litter of pups between 7 & 8 weeks old.

Their names are:

Carol Anfack
Alain Steven
Hansie van Niekerk
And a man known simply, as Mark.

I was very excited when I found these five breeders, as between them, I was sure I would be able to locate at least one beautiful puppy for us to adopt as our own dogchild.

After back-and-forth emails, I managed to find out that, conveniently, they all happen to live in East London! Not-so-conveniently, only one of them seems to have a working cellphone. I don't care though, I just want a puppy from them even- if they don't have airtime, so I decided to speak telephonically to the man called Hansie van Niekerk.

When Hansie answered the phone, it was clear that he was not Afrikaans as I had originally suspected, but he was in fact a man of obvious West African decent. Possibly Nigeria. Hansie van Niekerk- The Nigerian. Can you believe? Never mind, I still want his puppy.

I spoke to Hansie The Nigerian French Bulldog breeder, and asked him if he had any puppies for sale. He told me he'd phone me back.

Later, I called Hansie back, and a man called Mark answered his phone. He was also selling puppies. But his name was Mark! Would you believe!

Turns out, he was Mark from the internet! Mark the French Bulldog breeder from East London was answering Hansie van Niekerk the Nigerian French Bulldog Breeder from East London's phone!

Mark and Hansie van Niekerk the Nigerian French Bulldog Breeders from East London later sent me this detailed email, along with these photographs of their puppies:

Thanks for the mail and ?You sound loving and caring for the puppy (How nice of Hansie & Mark. And how observant they are! They had only spoken to me on the phone for a few seconds each, and already they could tell I was loving and caring) and i assure that this puppy will make a great companion with you provided you show him or her love and attention. The puppies are 10 weeks old (They have aged by two weeks since our phone conversation, obviously) and are potty trained. Attached are recent pics of the puppies .Since you are interested in adopting just one puppy then fine provided a loving home is guaranteed.Molly is the male and Lilly is the female (Molly is a bit of an iffy name for a male, but I still want him)

To tell you a bit about my self,i am 59 . I got married 10 years back and so happily married. I have been with dogs all my life . I love this puppies so much and i want the best home.

I work with the American Peace Corps Association,This is a self voluntary humanitarian Association which sole purpose is to provide for the needy, the poor, the homeless . The Peace Corps Volunteers serve in 74 countries in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Central and South America, Europe, and the Middle East. Collaborating with local community members, Volunteers work in areas like education, youth outreach and community development, the environment, and information technology. The Peace Corps works in countries from Asia to Central America, and from Europe to Africa. In each of these countries, Volunteers work with governments, schools, and entrepreneurs to address changing and complex needs in education, health and HIV/AIDS, business, information technology, agriculture, and the environment. you can find out more about this Association at <> ..... maybe you might wish to volunteer and join.. (No)

WE are on a peace corps mission in South Africa East London and I'm giving the puppies out because we are soon living south Africa to Switzerland and i have been told by out general manager that there is now way that i can travel to Switzerland along side with this puppies because we have a lot of work to do there.So i was really worried but i have no option than to give them out . So I am presently in South Africa East London now! and i will be transporting the puppy from South Africa East London and the transportation from South Africa East London will take just some few hours. I will only transport this puppy to you provided a loving home is guaranteed.

So the puppy will be transported and delivered right to your door step. I will be transporting the puppy along side with all it health papers, clothing, (How much clothing exactly? I don't have that much closet space?) toys and traveling crate. I will be glad to answer any questions that you might have to help you get your new family member. Take a look at the pictures of the puppies Molly is the male and Lilly is the female Thanks and reply

Hansie van niekek and Mark



     Molly (The boy) 

Poor Hansie. Not only was he single up to the age of 49 (!!!) but he also can't spell his own surname. I'm not saying I don't want his puppy, of course.

I also got a reply from Alain Stevens shortly after I emailed him:

Hello there,
Regards to received mail.My French bulldog pups are just 9 weeks old and are ready for new homes now.My pups are Short and stocky,excellent pedigree from great champion lines pure bred French bulldog puppies They are so beautiful.They will make a very good companion.They are full of fun and love to play.They are very nice looking puppies.They have a reason to be proud of themselves. (I'm sure they do!) Both of dad's parents are champions and mom was champion sired.You can be proud of them just anywhere you go.I offer 1 for R3000.This includes transportation and handling charges to your location nationwide if you can not come for pick up.Have some few questions if you don't mind.Are you experienced with dogs,do you have a family and children to play with a dog.I'm based in East London,Eastern Cape? (Yes? You are?) and finally which sex would you like?




I've informed Alain that I would like a male puppy. As I said, his phone is out of order, so I can't call him. But as soon as he gets back to me, I'm transferring the money to his account!

When Hansie van Niekek and Mark The Nigerian reply, I am totally transferring the money to them too!
They all just seem so nice! And like they really care about dogs. And I need to be sure I'm getting a puppy.

Just got an email from Amanda. She also happens to have a puppy called Lilly! Yay! I'm transferring money to her account too! Weeeee! I'm not sure if she lives with Mark, Hansie van Niekek and Alain in the East London French Bulldog cult, but I'm guessing she does.

Lilly (The Second) 

*Nash, if you're reading this, you're probably not getting a French Bulldog for your birthday.


  1. Haha. I laughed the whole way through that. I wouldn't transfer money to ANY of them...sound a bit dodge. Until you've met them/ face-skyped them to see if Hansie is even human. French bulldogs are cute though. wow. I found your blog because you won the Missibaba and Being Brazen competition... so exceptionally jealous! well done!
    love and other drugs

  2. Totally a scam, especially with the Nigerian guy that worked in the peace corps. My sister spoke to the exact same guy for a choc labrador. Google it!

  3. This is so funny! Nigerian scammers always tend to be in South Africa because of the peace corps when they're advertising dodgy properties or puppies!

    I've also been looking to get a frenchie and I came across this site for the Free State French Bulldog Club, it is pretty official and they have links to breeders on their site -

  4. It would have gotten worse. Check out these stories from hundreds of people who have fallen for the 'Cameroon Puppy Scam'

  5. Im so glad that someone has posted about this. It is about time. I went through this exact same frustration for over 3 months, and spoke to Hansie The Nigerian French Bulldog breeder many times. There are unfortunately more than just 4 of these scams artists. I have email address, names and numbers the length of my arm.

    At least i can now say im the proud owner of the cutest Boston Terrier. :-) She totally looks like a frenchie if you squint a little haha!

  6. hahah, send them all your money, and join the peace corps, you can't go wrong, in fact you should also sign up nash for his birthday.

  7. That post sounded like it came straight out of yes man by danny wallace. Brilliant!

  8. Natalie I would just like to say thank you so much for this. I have been in contact with Alain Stevens this week and he could provide pictures or the puppies as well as the parents. his interest in me made me feel as if he was really caring for where these puppies were going. i have also dealt with a man named Bowel. Both demanding R1700 deposit. what a bunch of idiots. thank you so much for making me aware

  9. This makes me so sick! Never buy a puppy where you are not even required to fill out an application. It is too risky.

  10. Well this man is going under a new name, but thx for this blog, you just save my money and a broken heart :(...

    Hello there,
    Regards to received mail.My puppies and cross breed Boston Terrier/French bulldog.They are just 8 weeks old and are ready for new homes.My pups are Short and stocky,excellent pedigree from great champion lines pure bred French bulldog/Boston Terrier.They are so beautiful.They will make a very good companion.They are full of fun and love to play.They are very nice looking puppies and of excellent temperament.They have a reason to be proud of themselves. Both of dad's parents are champions and mom was champion sired.They are porty trained and have had their first shorts already.I offer 1 for R2000.This includes transportation and handling charges to your location nationwide if you can not come for pick up.Have some few questions if you don't mind.Are you experienced with dogs,do you have a family and children to play with a dog.I'm based in East London,Eastern Cape finally which sex would you like?

    Best Regards
    073 931 5139


    Hello There,
    So happy to hear you have experience with dogs.I don't like giving out my puppies to people with no experience because my puppies are to me like my own children.I will send you my personal assistant's banking details for you to make payment so he can go to the courier company and and transport the puppy to you since I'm busy at the office now.I will need your full names,address and phone number because it shall be used to transport the puppy.

    Account No#9266310541
    Send me the proof of payment once it's done.


  11. oh my gosh!
    I have been searching for a frenchie for the past couple of weeks via the internet and you are so right!
    How can you be sure that you will get what you are paying for?
    You have to personally go and see the puppies and their parents before buying them.
    There are just far to many scams now days and quite frankly its depressing!
    Considering how difficult it already is to find a french bulldog.

  12. omg i would search the internet then go see them in person before buying the puppies just to make sure or i would ask a friend if they knew anyone who sells frenchies so yeah.....those though are scammers

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