Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Giuliana Rancic's Diet Makes My Stomach Cry

@HelenRaine told me about the E! News Presenter's ridiculous diet over a bottle of red wine and a plate of pork chops and mash a couple of weeks ago (delicious, by the way). After reading it on her blog, I am completely disgusted. How she is even still alive completely blows my mind. With all the pressure girls face in the "I want to be skinny" department, I'm really sad that this kind of bullshit advice is freely available on the Internets, dished out by so-called "role models."

E! News Presenter Giuliana Rancic
Giuliana's  (ridiculous) Diet:
4:35am: "Yerba Mate" tea
(that counts as her "pre-workout energy booster")

6:30am: Water with cayenne pepper and lemon
             Followed by green tea
             Followed by a bottle of "GT's Kombucha"- "it totally helps with hunger cravings"- Giuliana
(post-workout snack)

Now, any personal trainer will tell you that before working out, your body needs some carbs to burn. Even if its just a couple of spoons of Oats. It gives your body something to kick start its "fat burning mode". After working out, your body needs some protein to keep it going, helping your muscles to build, instead of being burnt up by all that exercise. Even if it is a low-carb protein drink. Your body needs it.

7:15am: ORGANIC Grapefruit
             Followed by an egg white omlet, no cheese, green veg only
             "And i ALWAYS say NO BUTTER, NO OIL...instead tell them to cook it in a light mist of
              Pam cooking spray. Tell them your allergic to butter so that they don't slip it in there like 
              a lot of places do. If they don't have Pam spray, then tell them to use just a DROP or two
             of Oil!!!" -Giuliana
"WHAT THE... Is that BUTTER?!"

(Is this the behaviour of a female with normal healthy eating habits???? Imagine being at her table when the orders are taken. Even worse! When the food arrives...)

Mid-morning snack: Cereal bar "No high fructose corn syrup (the devil) in these puppies!!!... I always have a healthy snack around. Keeps you from running to the vending machine (which you should avoid like the plague, by the way.)" -Giuliana
Lunch: A chicken breast/Salmon with steamed broccoli
Afternoon snack: Apple/Grapefruit/Cereal Bar (no sugar)
                          Fresh veggie juice
Dinner: Sushi with brown rice (SIFF!!) NO mayo/Grilled Fish "I don't use any sauces at all" - Guiliana

So, basically, she eats everything as bland as she possibly can.

Here's where shit gets whack though:

Kombucha Drink
" totally helps with appetite control. No joke!!! This is great for me since sometimes I eat totally out of boredom (which I'm sure a lot of you can relate to) so instead, i sip this and then I'm not "fake" hungry anymore because it totally hits the spot. I'm obsessed with it!!!"

WOMAN! You aren't "fake" hungry! You are absolutely starving! That feeling of "hunger" is your body calling out to you: "Nourish meeee!! I am wasting awaaayyyy...."

Veggie Juice
" This is a terrific snack to have between meals and rather filling too. You will not get fat on raw and steamed veggies!"
No. You also won't get enough nourishment.

"I've quit coffee (yes, coffee is bad for you) and I stopped putting all artificial sweeteners into my body. My taste buds have totally changed and now I don't need sweeteners at all on my food." just keep telling your taste buds that, honey.
"No really, my taste buds are
literally repulsed right now"

Giuliana's "Cheat Food" Tips:

"... if i just MUST have pasta, I will let my husband order it and have some bites of his. Or I will order a healthy dish and ask for a half order of the pasta (no cream, ever!) on the side. I will eat half of the side of pasta and pass the rest around the table so my friends can try it to. That way you are impressing the table with your generosity and cutting lots of calories:)"
"So...I'll let you order the pasta. Then you say 'How about
a bite G?' then I laugh and say 'Ok, but just one. I want
all our friends to get a bite too'... OK?"

So, she orders half a portion of pasta, then eats half of that, then makes her friends eat it so she can get it out of sight. That way she is showing the entire table what psycho food tendencies she has and creating lots of food demons in her mind.

"Fit a baby in where?! You make
me laugh!! Hahaha"

Apparently Giuliana was struggling to fall pregnant. (This private piece of information was shared with the world on her reality show with husband, Bill) I'm not surprised! Can you imagine a human foetus trying to grow braincells and bones and body parts in an arid, foodless environment like her uterus?? The poor little sperm cells probably commit suicide before fertilisation could happen.

I am all for healthy living and healthy eating, but behaviour like this is not normal at all. Men, would you date a woman who treats food like this? I don't think I'd want to get involved with this minefield of body issues.


  1. This is a person with an eating disorder. It's so obvious to me, I don't know why other people choose to blind themselves. Have just finished reading Portia de Rossi's "Unbearable lightness" and I see the similarities. It is pretty freaky that she is teaching people how to have her disorder. Euw.

    1. I could not agree more, She claims she eats healthy ok maybe and she also claims she always been able to eat what she wants and gain no weight. so which is it. It may have once been both, but I can not longer watch anthing she is on because she looks so gross. I see everybone, every vein, that is not normaill. I live in a family of fast matabolism and the never look like a skeleton. maybe she just cant handle the pressure, or maybe she is just fake I dont know for sure but I know even though she does not entertain me and I FF anything with her in it I still pray for her.

  2. I agree, im all for healthy eating. Just started to eat healthier myself. But i did that by doing things such as replacing sugar in my oats with honey, drinking more water, having rye (i actually think rye is yummy) instead of white bread, etc. This chick is wack!!

  3. Next up: thyroid problems, hair loss, bad skin, memory problems, non existing metabolism and the oh so joyful "Where did my period go?"

  4. ok. so its really sad that she does not enjoy the daily routine that is making gorgeous food and enjoying it with friends/family.but i was having such a laugh reading this. no coffee?! seriously, who does that to themselves?

  5. There are a lot of people around who are overweight with high BMIs but you'll never see a blog post mocking them and the fact that their obesity is an eating disorder that contributes to cardiovascular disease, stroke, diabetes and hypertension. That their bad lifestyle choices have eaten into much need health resources.

    You ask: "Is this the behaviour of a female with normal healthy eating habits?" in response to her not wanting her food fried in unhealthy, atherosclerosis causing saturated fats. Well yes it is actually - you don't need excess animal fat like butter.

    By the way an omelet does count as post-workout protein...

    For you to say "you also won't get enough nourishment" from eating raw and steamed veggies is (and I say this respectfully) ignorant and you're in danger of promoting bad health...

    A number of studies show that high vegetable consumption is associated with lower risk for cardiovascular disease and that vegetables contain potent, cancer-fighting compounds. Ow yes, veggies are carbohydrates too - just the healthy version with more diverticula & polyposis fighting fiber.

    The Dietary Reference Intakes (DRI) specify that the requirement for dietary protein for all individuals aged 19 y and older is 0.8 g protein·kg–1·d–1. This Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) is cited as adequate for all persons. This amount of protein is usually consumed in a single meal, the rest all gets excreted as excess urea. She eats salmon (crammed full of Omega-3 goodness) and grilled fish everyday- the American Heart Association (who recommend eating fatty fish at least twice a week) would be proud.

    Her infertility is multifactorial and is more associated with her age than her weight, being 35 gives her only about a 1 in 10 chance of falling pregnant in a month. In fact studies have shown that for every BMI unit over 29, the chance of pregnancy was reduced by 4%, when compared to women with BMI’s between 21 to 29.

    I'm actually a little shocked that you can post something like this, it's not only cruel and unkind it's in danger of being a worse health message than Giuliana has ever sent.

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    2. I fully agree with you, here here. She may not be stuffing her face with carbs all the time, she is choosing vegetables and lean protein instead- a far healthier option. she has 3 regular sized meals a day along with 2 or 3 snacks... that is a normal diet!

    3. Agree! There's nothing wrong with eating natural, lean products and avoiding all the other crap considered "normal" today because 20th century folk are too lazy to take the extra effort to eat well.

    4. If you do not believe that Giuliana is painfully thin, I am worried not only about your choice of profession, but also for your personal well being. If you will publicly defend this obviosly emaciated body image. I fear you too may have this disorder. As a future medical profesional I believe it is your responsibility to not only tell the promise of a healthy diet, but also the dangers of anorexia. It is a real and deadly disorder. I would hope some one in your chosen field would be able to recognize this.

    5. It's important to provide a balanced perspective, and I agree that shaming thinness is just as harmful as shaming obesity. That said, her diet is extreme. When there is no budge room and so much anxiety around eating, that is a strong indicator of disordered eating. Note I did not say an eating disorder, I said disordered eating. Those are different things. Such rigidity is usually not a sign of healthy anything. Again, I agree that the author of this blog took the shame parade too far, but Giuliana does at lease qualify for disordered eating and that should not be overlooked.

    6. omg so medstudentbarbie (vomit) is apparently a 21 yo who has a bachelor in science (3 year degree) and is also in her third year of med. hmm, child genius graduated year 12 at age 15. oh and wants to be a plastic surgeon. Clearly an expert on a healthy natural approach to life from this one. cant say i'd take any health or diet advice seriously from someone with "barbie" in their name.

    7. The DRI would also suggest that she probably eat twice as many calories as she's getting.

  6. Funny thing is she's trying (or was) to fall pregnant and have a baby. Even went as far as IVF a few times...clearly the diet and weight are obstacles but she can't see it! It's a pity as I think she's actually fab on TV and very good at what she does!

  7. Oh. Puhleazzze.

    This chick is disgusting, I have friends who treat their food like this, and it's all they ever think about. Imagine spending most of your day planning your meals. Can I eat this, can I eat that?

    I am a size 34 jeans, weigh 62kgs and am about 5'5". So I may even have a tummy. oh my gawd - terrible. I think I look great, I enjoy food ( I work in the food industry) and I do not think about what I put in my mouth for hours. And I'm still a sexy biatch. Promise.

    Please ladies, do not follow this diet - so unhealthy... Food is fun.

  8. The day of food outlined above is ~1000-1200 calories, estimating low on the size of the fruits and excluding what is packed into a homemade veggie juice drink. That's a somewhat strict dieting caloric level, but plenty to sustain and maintain a skinny woman if 2,000 calories/day is "normal" for a "normal" sized woman ("normal" being a bit chunky in the U.S.). Also, very high protein which is great for an athlete and great for mental clarity. The real issue is her obsessively strict attitude... very California, very I'm-on-TV, very unnecessary with daily exercise keeping her metabolism up.

    Maybe more people need to be a bit more obsessive about their intake in this country. Have you seen how disgusting the average American has become?

    1. Very true. Strick caloric intake, plus extreme exercise -no wonder she looks emaciated. Her shoulder blades, spine and clavicle bones stick out . No wonder she needed hair extensions-hair was thinning. Very sad the price she is paying to ruin her health.

  9. Look...her diet is ridiculous HOWEVER she does choose to eat egg whites, raw veggies and juice + no carbs...where she perhaps doesn't eat enough, she is still eating correctly. Of course, to eat along a diet like this is scary and any normal person wouldn't be able to cope but she's not eating incorrectly. For the last few months I have been juicing my veggies and fruit and can honestly say that it is sufficient for your also provides your body with more vitamins and nutrients than most foods so I see why she does this - I suggest you research the raw food juice option, it's extremely beneficial and recommended by most fact my body has never been healthier based on having one or two juices during the day.

    I think the primary problem here is that a) she is not a professional in this and should not be giving out advice on what to eat and what not to should be made illegal, and b) she definitely does not eat enough which in itself, is is too wonderful to ignore!

    1. I think that the primary problem is that she is so strict on herself and that she lies to her friends about her eating habits. That is a classic sign of an eating disorder. So my problem is not as much with her diet, as with her approach to food.

  10. Um, its not actually ridic. I eat like this. I feel amazing and healthy. She does work out loads, which makes her slimmer than me. She is doing it the healthy way, by eating healthy foods, rather than popping adderal and stuff.

    1. But do you also lie to your friends, telling them you "just ate" so that you don't have to order? And do you also insist your husband order what you *actually* want to eat, so that you can have one bite? Her approach is not healthy. Her mindset. The way she *thinks* about food. THAT is what is unhealthy.

  11. Kykhie I agree the girl needs a steak or protein shake or something, watching Guiliana & Bill (I'm a sad excuse for a male), I also thought that she needs to pick up some weight if she wants a baby, and then last night I saw her E True Hollywood story (sad excuse for . . ) and she's had a tough time with scoliosis and breast cancer, she's worked freakin hard for what she's achieved. Does she have an eating disorder - ja maybe probably, but hey we all have our own shit and demons to deal with

  12. she has no curves at all the bdy of a 12 year old boy....they even dress her to hide it...lolly pop head typical of the anorexics

  13. she's eating the right things, she just needs to eat MORE OF THEM. especially if she's waking up at 4 to workout. your body needs something besides tea to burn in order for you to be able to function during a workout. then she waits until 7 to put solid food into her mouth. no wonder she looks the way she does, her body must be burning her muscle tissue after she exercises. you cannot wait 3 hours after you workout to eat, especially if you didn't even eat a proper breakfast. if she's capable of putting in the effort to get up at 4 to workout, would it really kill her to take time to eat a bowl of oatmeal or an apple with peanut butter in the morning? if I ate like her I would be miserable, and i'm a college athlete. There is no way I could work out after only drinking tea

  14. Like Rancic, I have had cancer. During chemo, I had to get very disciplined about my eating, to control blood sugar (often goes up with chemo treatment), make sure I got adequate nutrients, keep cholesterol in check (can go up with anti-hormonal treatment) etc. There is also quite a bit of evidence to suggest that staying skinny and keeping blood glucose steady and low can help keep the cancer in check. From that POV, organic maple syrup is really no better than white sugar. The goal is to lower your glycemic load quite drastically. Unlike Rancic, I do not have to be THAT careful to keep my weight where I want it, but as an approach, it isn't actually that crazy. I eat many, many, many meals that consist of fish and steamed veggies.

  15. Wanted to add, that Rancic looks perfectly fine to my eye. I don't understand the need to excoriate skinny chicks. Besides, she is not crazy thin. I aim to keep my BMI between 19 and 20, which seems to be the weight at which I am comfortable. If people don't like it, that is really just tough.

  16. my Goodness people can be cruel! A quarter portion of a restaurant serving of pasta is actually what we SHOULD be eating. That's how our grandparents ate and n one called them sick or anorexic! Just because everything is now supersized, including our asses doesn't make Guiliana sick. I see a healthy woman who has enough energy to balance a career, successful businesses and raising a son. I never see her too sick to work! The want to over ones who are complaining are the ones who overeat. Look if you want to shove food down your then DO IT and OWN IT! Stop bashing those who choose to put the fork down and think about what they're eating instead of the mindless gluttony that has become the norm nowadays. This woman is an inspiration. She balances a pretty good life AND goes after what she wants. Her husband is one of the best examples of a husband and father I have seen. He is supportive, loving, involved in the decision making especially when it comes to his son and family. They model great american success stories without being disgusting i.e. not selling sex, drugs, bad behavior, violence, cattiness,nor ghetto fabulousness! GO Rancics! Keep up the good work and THANK YOU GUILIANA for the diet inspiration! YOU ROCK

  17. I simply couldn’t leave your website before suggesting that I extremely enjoyed the usual info a person provide for your guests? Is going to be again ceaselessly to check up on new posts.

  18. It is not so much what she doesn't eat as the language used which is the problem. Terms such as 'NO --insert not very fattening food-- EVER!!' and encouraging lying that you have an allergy to butter, and passing food to other people in order to sabotage them - this calculating, almost manic obsessive behaviour is the hallmark of an eating disorder. Her writing comes across as totally neurotic and makes her sound like a control freak. I'm sorry to say that lack of estrogen definitely shows in her manly face and even with her thick makeup she looks very unwell and sinewy - gristly almost. If I ate like she eats I would probably have that dead behind the eyes, tired look too. I really don't know how her husband puts up with it. I hope she doesn't spread her food nazi syndrome to her children...

  19. "... if i just MUST have pasta, I will let my husband order it and have some bites of his. Or I will order a healthy dish and ask for a half order of the pasta (no cream, ever!) on the side. I will eat half of the side of pasta and pass the rest around the table so my friends can try it to. That way you are impressing the table with your generosity and cutting lots of calories:)"

    Classic eating disorder behavior. They get off on watching other people eating "unhealthy" or "forbidden" foods. Impressing the table with your generosity? Please.

  20. Shells absolutely has eating disorder. Being that skinny is gross.

  21. I don't think her diet is outlandish, but I am more bothered by the fact that she pretends to eat a bunch of pasta and steak on her show, making other women feel like being thin and eating the same way as depicted on tv is easy and attainable.

  22. WOW I'm very surprised at how Giuliana is being attacked on this site as I was pretty sure this was a site that would highlight her positive attributes (Oh I don't know with her recent bout of breast cancer and struggling to have a baby and all). We women can be so quick to judge instead of putting ourselves in someone else's shoes and being empathetic towards their situation. Hell It's not like the girl is having a diet coke and a soda cracker for dinner :I ..... Furthermore, I don't believe she is the spokesperson for proper dieting and exercise. She was asked what she eats and she was honest. Don't be fooled by the other celebs who pretend to be just as "human" as every one else. They are under a different type of pressure than most the only difference is in fear of being judged on cynical blogs ..... they may not always be as upfront and honest as our friend Giuliana. So let's celebrate someone for keeping it real for once. :)

  23. How much does she weigh...and was she heavier at the beginning of her career.. she keeps shrinking in two years shell be only bones

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