Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Just sitting here...with my foot behind my head. You?

Me. In Pilates class. In 2017.

While on a break from Adventure Bootcamp  (my next camp starts on 4 July) I decided to sign up for a class with a little lower insensity. Man, was I wrong when I chose Pilates.

I started my Pilates classes with Helen at The Pilates Club in Hout Bay. Her studio is on the second floor of her home at Stoneybrook Estate and looks out over all of the beautiful surroundings in the valley.

Since starting Pilates I have become incredibly aware of body, and how each muscle should feel when I'm doing a particular excersis. So my neck is no longer in agony when I'm doing stomach abs are. My posture is improving. And my bum, well, it's looking pretty pert.

I find Pilates to be incredibly challenging, and almost like dancing. You learn the moves, and with practice, you become better and better at executing them. Pilates helps me focus on my breathing (which completely sucks, by the way) and on getting my body to do things that I didn't know it could.

Joseph Pilates. The inventor of "the core".

The strength in my hips has improved (strong hips? who knew?) and so has my flexibility. I'm still incredibly beginner, but I look forward to incorporating Pilates and its principles into my future. and the future of my sexy body.

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