Monday, June 27, 2011

There Is A Winter Special On At Elements On Kloof!

If you ever need to get me a gift and you're not sure what to get (how is that possible? read this ), you can be secure in the knowledge that I would be absolutely ECSTATIC if you got me a spa voucher. Any spa treatment. A massage, facial, mani, pedi, threading, indian head massage...

I decided to treat myself one such spa treatment when I came across this amazing Winter Special at Elements on Kloof, even if its not my birthday yet. A 90 minute hot stone facial and massage for just R400. That is amazing value for money! Which is exactly why I had to do it. You just can't look a great special like that in the eye, and turn it down to its face. Its bad karma.

Elements is ideally located- right in town. Just across the road from Scar AND it has its own parking area- which, in Kloof Street is a massive plus.

When booking my massage, Elements informed me that the only therapist available at the time that I wanted to book, was male. Was I ok with this? I'd never had any treatments done by a male, but I was sure I was fine with it. Of course I knew he'd be very professional, possibly even more so than a female therapist (because people are obviously expecting it to massively awkward), and he'd have good strong man-hands.

The facial came first. This was my first hot stone facial, and it felt amazing! The sensation of the hot stones and cold products leaves your skin tingling and warm.
After the facial, Daniele moved on to my back and neck with his hot stones.

I've only ever had a hot stone massage once before- on my 21st birthday. And to be honest, I'd actually sworn never to have another. The stones were obviously made of hot molten lava (I could tell by the feeling of blisters forming on my backskin with every touch) and as they melted my skin I wriggled in pain. Even after asking the therapist to cool things down a little, the lava just kept coming. It actually ruined my birthday. I need a cold drink to bring me back to a happy place right now just thinking about it.

However, this was a completely different story. The warm stones felt amazing on my sore, post-pilates back muscles, and warmed up my winter chills. Having a male massage therapist is great because he has naturally strong hands, which means he has to apply less pressure to get a desired intensity of massage. Sometimes, because girls aren't as stong (shut up you feminists) they have to reeaallyy work your muscles and it can hurt a bit. I'm there to relax, not to writhe in agony.

From the back Daniele then moved on to my arms, legs and feet and was silent the whole time. Bliss! Don't chat to me while I am naked with my eyes closed and your hands all over me. My mind is on holiday.

Sadly, the 90 minutes came to an end (obviously Natalie, duh).I have to tell you, this is probably the best way to spend R400 on 90 minutes in Cape Town this winter. (...if ya know whadda' mean...)

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