Thursday, September 29, 2011

Today Has Been A Very Bad Day

I've spent over 24 hours trying to book a ticket on a plane, train or bus from Joburg to Cape Town. Every bus and train is fully booked and the best price we could get on a plane is R1600,00 each. On Saturday.

Nash had to go to a bank to tranfer some money onto a card. Which then got declined anyway because the money will only refelect later.

We tried booking online twice, and both times the site went down.

Then, just as I'd given ALL my details over the phone, it got disconnected. I called back seconds later and the flights had gone up by R500 each. Then I had the wrong credit card details.

It's taken allll day, but we finally have a way back to Cape Town. 

Now, just let me cry.


  1. :( At least you are coming back though. being stuck would suck the most.


  2. There will be much wine & good music waitin for you at Harley Club ...