Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My Mermaid Hair & I are in this months's Cleo

Imagine my excitement when I realised that my partying, festival-going ways were not going unnoticed by important, magazine-type people. Just imagine it!

CLEO Magazine approached me a while ago to contribute to a feature they're doing on "Festivalistas" for thei music issue. And its out NOW!

Go out a grab a copy, so that you have something to show your grandkids.

Thanks CLEO for getting me involved. Stoked to be part of your vibe.

Picture by Kevin Mark Pass. Shirt by Fokopolisiekar

Hannah Mermaid... I want to be you

When I was a little girl I used to take a pair of stockings and cut them in two. Then I would climb inside one leg and do dolphin stroke in the pool until my fingers were like raisins.

Hannah Mermaid has taken my original prototype (that I neglected to trademark-I was 7) and turned it into something magical.

Hannah Mermaid holds her breath for over 2 minutes and free dives with all kinds of sea animals.

Hannah, I want to you.

via @narrylikes

Best NoMu Entries so far...What do you think?

IF you haven't entered my NoMu Poster Competition yet, you are either:

a) Unable to enjoy an array of wonderful prizes due to a self-harming nature  (if so, click here)
b) Unaware of the array of wonderful prizes on offer (if so, click here) or
c) Dead/Dying/Bedridden

Other than that, you really have NO excuse.

Here are those prizes once again:

1 Night Bed & Breakfast in the awesome Grand Daddy Hotel
A tapas table including a cocktail and a bottle of wine for you & 5 friends at Blakes Bar
The World's Most Delicious Eggs Benedict for you and 3 friends at Empire Cafe
A R2000 clothing voucher from Lee Jeans
A "Restyle With Andrew" from Scar Hair
A Food & Beer pairing for you and 9 friends from (my favourite) &Union 
2 Pairs of the most comfortable shoes your feet will ever wear from Havaianas
Guest List for you and 5 friends at Assembly
Guest List for you and 5 friends at any Apollo Artists gig
A subscription to LMG Magazine
A lift home for you AND your car on 1 of your big nights out from 1 For The Road
A Bosch coffee maker worth R9000!
A copy of "Ek kan nie ophou kyk nie" by top SA music photographer Sean Brand from Exclusives
A NoMu hamper

Here are my favourite entries so far:

You have until the end of the month. ENTER NOW!

Monday, April 18, 2011

I think I'm becoming a shoe girl

I've never really cared for shoes. I haven't ever wanted to spend copious amounts of money on them. Or cared if someone stood on them at a bar. And even more than not caring about shoes...I've never dreamed about shoes.

Well...until now.

I found these girls a few weeks ago at ALDO and I haven't been able to stop thinking about them since. Then, last night... I had a dream about them!!


Get on my feet!
I must have them. If only to stop the dreams.

Cycling Love

Last week @beatnikbazaar took me on a beautiful ride from The Bay Hotel, in Camps Bay...all the way past 12 Apostles and back again. On the way back we stopped at Beta Beach which is apparently where all the cool people go beaching. Beatnik snapped these pretty pictures of us as we were riding along...

Beatnik has also started a rad Flickr Page where you can post pictures of people all over Cape Town riding there bikes. Look here: Cape Town Cycle Chic

Here are some beautiful pictures from Copenhagen Cycle Chic...

Makes me look forward to winter...

Friday, April 8, 2011

Don't Throw It Out: Swap It!

Last year I hosted a Clothing Swap in Joburg, and it worked a treat! The idea is this:

You bring all your old stuff that you no longer wear, and swap it for stuff other girls no longer wear. You could do it with accessories, hats, whatever!

I'm looking to host one here in Cape Town. Let's do it like this:

Each girl brings a minimum of 5 items. They need to be in a wearable condition (obviously) and you need to be 100% sure that you want to swap them! - Last year I swapped out a green blazer that I got for R8 at a thrift store, and I regret it every day!

I'm looking for a sweet little venue where we can get together one Saturday morning and eat and swap and be girls.

If you're keen, comment on this post, and I'll forward you the details for the event. Invite your friends too!

NoMu Poster #1: What do you think?

I've received my first entry for the NoMu Poster Competition and I think its great!
What do you think?
And...can you do better?

Megan's Pose...but is it art?

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

GHD South Africa = Brand Win!

              Me. Without a GHD.
On the way to the airport for a week in Joburg, I got a sick, empty feeling right in the pit of my stomach. You know the one... your entire tummy feels ice cold and like it just dropped in turbulence.

Winding along the coastal road toward the airport, eyes a-blazing, screaming "nooooooooo!!!" in epic melodramatic fashion I fervently sent out a Tweet to the Universe "Nooooo! Forgot my GHD! A WEEK in Joburg without one?! @ghdsouthafrica I need a loaner in JHB please! E. MER. GEN. CY". Before the plane had even taken off I had a reply: "How about I send a styler up to Joburg with @bangersandnash for you to use for the week?"

HA! How's that for a brand win?? Every girl (and some boys) knows that you cannot possibly survive a week without your trusty GHD. I've had mine for 6 years and it has never, ever given me a day of grief.

I always say: "People who claim that GHD is not the best styler on the market, obviously don't have GHD's".

Thanks GHD South Africa for being such winners!