Monday, May 23, 2011

Wanna Be A Winna? Girls! Lee wants to spoil you.

Nash and I were up in Durban for the launch of their amazing new 101 Range >>> You can read all about it on Nash's blog over there.

While I was there, LadyLeeRider gave me a little something to give to one lucky lady. Or ladyman. That's just how she rolls. Just spreading joy and warmth into the cold, wintery hearts of others.

Want this on and around your chest?

I have one of those wrapped around me right now. And I'll admit it... I look pretty sexy.

Here's how to win:

1. "Like" Lee Jeans on Facebook
2. Comment on this post telling me that you like Lee Jeans in real life
3. Tweet a link to my blog (don't forget to @NatalieRoos me)

It's almost too EASY!

To win you must live either in the Cape Town or Joburg area. And you must be around a size 32-34.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

WIN! With Lee 101 Launch - TONIGHT ONLY!!

Nash and I are going to be in Durban tonight for the Lee 101 Range Launch and YOU can get involved.

This is how:

1. Be alive between 7pm and 9pm tonight
2. Have a phone in your hands between 7pm and 9pm tonight
3. Tweet tonight between 7pm and 9pm
4. Make sure your Tweet contains these two key words:
5. WIN!

A few interesting facts about Lee:

James Dean. My word.
Fact #1: James Dean was the first ever Lee ambASSador

And really...what could be more interesting than that?

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Grown Up Shmown Up

I once saw a print cartoon of two little kids, probably around 7 years old, lying in the grass under a tree. Hands behind their heads as they lay on their backs, staring up at the clouds, the one said to the other: "I can't wait till we're grown ups so we never have to worry about anything."

Hey kids!!! You have no idea!!!

I actually recently became A Grown Up myself, and I'll tell you what, since becoming one, I don't think I ever had to worry about anything!!


The past couple of weeks have been full of awesome "Grown Up moments" that I would never have been able to enjoy before I was A Grown Up. Before, other people would have been allowed to deal with everything. They had all the fun! Like my Mom. TAKE THAT MOM!

But now, I get to have all the adventures you can think of! Cause I don't live with my Mom anymore. Cause I'm A Grown Up.


Here are just some of the awesome Grown Up Adventures I've had over the past couple of months:

Coming home to find your entire freezer defrosted! YAY!

Then getting to take out, and throw away tons of soggy food that you paid tons of money for!!



Getting a new washing machine (BEST TOY EVER!!), then having it spew water all over your kitchen floor! At 10pm! Just like in the movies!


AND the best part is: YOU get to clean it up with every single towel in your entire house! Knowing that you're going to have to wash them all later---in the very. same. machiiiiiine! HAHA!!

Coming home after a week away to find a load of washing in the machine left there by your forward-thinking cleaning lady! She LOVES to surprise you like that! 


Mouldy and stuffy-smelling clothes aren't even the best part! The best part is: The water bill after your clothes have had 3 cycles in the machine! AND your clothes will be aaaalmost as good as they were before...but not quite!


How AWESOME is getting to use masking tape without adult supervision?! I recently used a whole bunch to hang a poster on the wall to check if it was in the right position!

And I didn't even have a Real Grown Up around to tell me I should most definitely NOT be doing that!

Guess what? The poster wasn't in the right place! So guess what I did?!

I just pulled the masking tape off!


AND the best part is: I subsequently got to rip off more-or-less a kilogram of paint that I'll now have to pay someone to re-do before I move out! MORE MONEY-SPENDING!!

Doing a load of washing on a rainy day (MOST>FUN>EVER!!!) then having to spend one hundred rond getting it tumble dried by the laundry. HILAR!!!

Doing the dishes (CAN I GET A WHOOP_WHOOP??!!). Then eating. Then doing the dishes again. EVEN ON THE WEEKEND!!! Eeeeeek :) :) :)

All these things that I never got to experience before I became A Grown Up.

Man, am I glad I don't have to allow my Mom to do all this Grown Up stuff anymore. And I don't even want to talk about those naps they made me take back in pre-school.


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

So, Like, I'm So Totally A Hippie Now And Everything...

At the risk of being labelled an "environmentalist" or a "hippie", I post the following poster:

"Plant trees. Camp in the forest. Jam to African beats. Be a change maker"  HECK YES! THANK YOU! I WILL!

A couple of weeks ago I gave my email address to Greenpop at their fundraiser/awareness show at Assembly with Jeremy Loops.

I can't lie, I am by no means a round-the-clock-planet-saver. I eat tuna and don't sms to find out if it is dolphin friendly. I forget to recycle my glass. But given a rad opportunity like this, why the heck not?

Plus, trees are by far my favourite animal.

Anyone else keen? Drop a comment below if you're thinking of going. If you're on Twitter, tweet me with #greenpop. Maybe we can even have a Tweetup and all be "Hippie Environmentalists" together! 

Wind! Earth! Fire! Water! Heart!


Aaaaaaand The Winner Is...

The time has finally come! The winner for my NoMu Poster Competition has been chosen!

The #WINNER gets to enjoy aaaaallllll of THIS:

Natalie and Cheetah not included*

When it came to choosing the #winning entry, I suffered three mild panic attacks and one major bout of sleepless nights syndrome. The decision had become to much pressure for one human. So, here's what I did.

I chose my top entries. Every single one. Even if they came from the same person. And here they are:

I LOVED this guy!! He sent in no less than SIX entries! Well done to his girlfriend, who managed to get him dressed up, and posing!

This was my favourite "If you don't live in Cape Town" entry. Once again, boys doing whatever girls tell them to.

WHOA DENISE!! What a hot piece of minx woman! The bravery it must have taken to go into Engen dressed like that!

 Unfortunately, there can only be one #winner. So I wrote down the name of every entry I liked, one fore each photo (6 entires for Sarietha, 2 for Betina, 1 for Melissa) and put them  in a beanie. Nash was officiating and he drew the name of the winner...and here it is:

Congratulations Melissa! I hope you are mentally prepared for the awesomeness that is about to become your life!

Thanks to everyone who entered and especially NoMu for hosting the competition! But the HUGEST "Thank You" goes to all the sponsors. I am a huge fan of every single brand that collaborated, so it was a real treat to have you all on board!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

"83% Of Divorces Are Caused By..." research by Prof Natalie Roos phd. B.arts Matric Cert. etc etc

"Recent studies have shown that 83% of divorces happen because of infidelity / financial issues / halitosis." - Natalie Roos, phd. B.arts Martic Cert. etc. etc.

You may think that people get divorced because of a combination of various outside factors. An affair in the workplace perhaps? Money laundering by one or both partners? Good old "falling out of love"?

Well, you are sadly mistaken mister.

My personal scientific research has brought forth evidence that will blow the minds of smart people and divorced people the world over. Possibly even the othe 15% of the population.

Earth-shattering new developments in my own personal life, combined with minutes and minutes of carefully studying strangers (divorced as well as currently un-divorced) has led me to the conclusion that the number one factor leading to divorce is in my very own home. It's in your home! It's in your workplace. Most likely, it has even been in your car.

The silent home-wrecker (possibly ruining your relationship as you read this?) is: Coffee.


Divorce In A Cup

Let me explain, through using an example from my own life:

Recently, my boyfriend and I were taking a long road trip from Cape Town to the desert. (Read all about it here) Our journey started in the early hours of the morning (scientific term: Dawn. Wikipedia it here) My boyfriend (commonly know as "Nash". Google him here) is what I like to call "a coffee person" (Coffee person: a person who likes to consume coffee and religiously worships the man pictured below)

Man Pictured Below

During our journey, he frequently used phrases like: "I would kill for a cup of coffee right now" and "I would punch a small child in the face right now"...thankfully, I know him to be a genuinely passive-aggressive human (Passive Aggressive, doing word: "Being aggressive, in a passive manner"- Natalie Roos, Genius and Professional Wordsmith) so I knew that no small children were in immediate danger. Still, when someone you love is in distress, you need to do whatever you can to help them return to a level of "un-distress" (registered trademark word, 2011, Natalie Roos, Wordsmith).

So when we stopped in Ceres for ice and fuel, I made my way across many obstacles a parking lot to the nearest Wimpy. Wimpy is known for two things: 1. A silly name and 2. Their Mega Coffee (like coffee, but more Mega).

Scraping together my last cents (don't quote me on that in a court of law) I hand-bought him a Wimpy Mega Coffee.

Back in the car, I proudly and lovingly handed over the freshly squeezed coffee. "I can't take it now, please just hold it for me for a second", said Nash. A second passed.

The flimsy baby-nappy-esque cardboard baby nappy in which the Coffee comes, is not an ideal invention. It seems to do absolutely nothing except remind one of a baby nappy. Bumps in the road, along with one or two turns resulted in the coffee saturating the baby-coffee-nappy, and ultimately, my crotch.

"Please drink this" I pleaded, handing Nash his baby coffee. "It's too hot", he claimed. Back into my lap the coffee went. Trying to eat my burger and babysit Nash's coffee, I was getting splished and splashed with the hot liquid as we journeyed.

Eventually, after 60 40  30 minutes, I could take it no longer "Please Nash, just drink this flipping liquid baby! I can't babysit it any longer! It's too much pressure for one girl!"

As Nash brought the coffee to his lips, I admitted "It doesn't have any sugar yet, I'm just testing the temperature so long" at the exact same moment that Nash said "Ughghgh!"

"Next time I make you tea, I'm going to make it half way, then bring it to you for tasting, then go back and finish making it, then give it to you" Nash said. Which is absolutely ludicrous of course! I hardly ever drink tea anyway.

Painstakingly, I added two sugars to a moving coffee-baby, in a moving car.

Proudly, and with the weight of the world finally lifting off my shoulders, I handed Nash his baby Coffee.

He took it into his gear-changer hand. He brought it to his lips. My heart swelled with pride. He took a sip.

He said: "That is the worst coffee I've ever tasted. Please will you throw it away."

And that, is how divorce happens. Thankfully, we aren't married. Or I tell you right now, we would be in throws of a very passive aggressive divorce right now.

Afrikaburn...I'll try my best to convey the magnitude of Awesomeness

Four hundred km's from Cape Town, passed snow-capped mountains and one-horse towns...sprawled in the desert...lies a vast expanse of absolute nothingness.

An arid, dry landscape completely ringed by mountains far in the distance and inhabited here and there by a few dry, grassy patches of foliage. A sprinkling of empty settlement houses. No water for miles. Just beautifully flat, empty, desert.

As the sun sets, it seems like someone is painting the sky in front of your eyes. Bright, golden yellows and shades of orange fade as your view pans into purples and pinks, deep blues and back to soft yellows spreading to a burst of orange in 360 degrees of the most beautiful sunset you have ever seen.

So far I've tried to be as poncy and "paint with my wordsy" as I possibly could. But the truth is, absolutely nothing I can say, no matter how many descriptives I use, can really, fully get across what a beautiful experience Afrikaburn was.

After savouring our last shower for what would be four very dirty dirty days, our journey started on Thursday morning in Hout Bay at 6:30am. I slept through a lot of it, and woke up just in time for a brief stop in Ceres for fuel and ice. 30km's out of Ceres, coffee and Wimpy burgers in hand, we realised that we had remembered to get everything on our shopping list of fuel and ice...except the fuel. So a few minutes later we were back in Ceres to fill up, before heading back the way we had come.

After the Ceres split, the last 100km's of the drive is spent on a dirt road, and thanks to the bakkie we had borrowed, it only took us an hour (rather than the recommended 2 hours in "city cars"). Upon our arrival around 2pm, we were welcomed by the friendliest fairy/hippy I've ever met, who enthusiastically told us to get ready to have our minds blown, and to ring the first-timers bell.

Driving through the gates of Afrikaburn is like driving through the gates into another universe. Imagine From Dusk Till Dawn, but without George Clooney and nobody turns into Vampires and the doorman isn't screaming a string of vulgar nicknames for female body parts into your face. Other than that, it's pretty much exactly the same.

People dressed in the most absurdly wonderful outfits, stretch tents everywhere, flags, balloons stretching 100m into the sky, cars that look like something from Mad Max (so says Nash-I've never seen Mad Max myself), circus tents on wheels, moving pirate ships, bands playing on the back of trucks with the sunset as their backdrop, wooden sheep strategically placed in the desert, a tiny bit of nakedness, and hundreds and hundreds of bicycles.

Afrikaburn is modelled on the American festival "Burning Man" where the basic breakdown of how it works is this: an Arts Festival based on the principals of self expression, self reliance, and sharing. The entire event is in the hands of the participants. Events, music, art and entertainment are all supplied by those who join in. Festival goers are encouraged to express themselves and share their art in any way possible, from painting their bodies, to providing chill tents and music, to art pieces and "art cars". Participants can apply for a grant from the organisers in order to set up their contribution (grants are made up of money from ticket sales) .

It's all about being self sufficient, and "leaving no trace". Nothing is for sale at the event so we had to take all our own food, water, drinks and sleeping stuff. The climate is harsh, with hot days and freezing nights-apparently one night dropped down to -8 degrees! Long drop toilets are set up, and only 1ply paper is allowed. Fire pits are encouraged, but you are asked to be mindful not to "scar the earth".

As this was our first year, we had no idea what to expect so we didn't plan any art or gifting. We basically just wanted to make sure we survived. We did however, take bicycles and man, did we use them. If there is one miscellaneous item you absolutely must have at Afrikaburn-this is it. The festival is BIG and the earth is perfectly flat, which makes riding ideal. Bikes are also a great way to do a moving art piece-as we accidentally discovered on our first night there.

Puma had kindly hooked Nash up with this badboy,

WHOA! Nice cruiser Puma

and I took along Lady Marmaduke, so we were set as far as bikes were concerned. We'd brought along a box of dress-up gear and playthings from China Town, and Nash found some extra tent poles that he's always had- and never used- and with two clicks of his heels and half a roll of duct tape, he'd fashioned us the most amazing little tails for out bikes. Throw together with that a couple of strings of battery operated fairy lights...and you have an art piece.

Art pieces: Johnny Loco bike, Puma bike, China Town toys, duct tape

The nature and vibe of Afrikaburn is absolutely incredible. Because you're not constantly running around, watching bands and trying to find your friends- the food is at the tent, everybody is around for meal times- it's really quite relaxing. Then of course, your fellow festival go-er is absolutely phenomenal. The spirit of sharing, and giving of your talent is something so incredibly inspiring and wonderful that it really does get you into the spirit of things.

The fact that bands and DJ's head all the way out there and give of their own words and music without stage managers and band managers and booze what I love. I love thats's its all about doing what you love, purely for the sake of doing what you love.

I think that's the one main thing that sets Afrikaburn apart. The thing that makes it seem so magical and mystical. So incredibly fantastical. Its the spirit of giving...without the expectation of anything in return. Yet, that is exactly what inevitably ends up happening. Giving of your time, money (for a ticket) or talent at Afrikaburn, could never amount to the life-changing experience Afrikaburn gives back to you.

To me personally, Afrikaburn is a Festival Of Freedom. Freedom of expression. Freedom from ego. Freedom from phones and internets, holding us back from eye contact and body language. Freedom to get naked around a fire if that's what you desire. Freedom to leave your bicycle unattended and come back to find it untouched. Freedom to ask your neighbour if you could use their outdoor shower. Freedom to celebrate the talents of others.

I can't imagine ever missing a year. One day my kids will be riding through the desert in their own bike gangs. Feathers in their hair and freedom on the soles of their feet.

ABC Bootcamp is kicking my but into shape

It's not that I don't enjoy working out. Ok, it is. I don't enjoy working out. I know I have to work out, you know, for the purposes of better health and all-round body proportions, but I've always got to try convince myself that its actually somewhat enjoyable. That it's not really painful and rather gross with all the sweating and the chest pain and the thirst!

And don't even try getting me to work out by myself. If I'm not with a friend...although I'll settle for a stranger (obviously not a very fit one-I don't need the added pressure of a training partner with abs of steel and the heart rate of someone in a sugar coma) or a Personal Trainer, I might as well not even step into my training shoes.

Sadly, I can't afford a Personal Trainer-or to pay an unfit friend/stranger to work out with me- so I generally just end up not working out. Or going for a run with the good intentions of running to somewhere far, like Camps Bay... and ending up back on the couch after one lap around the block with a toasted cheese "as a reward".

That's why I feel like I've found my perfect solution. An amazing programme that combines the two things that are vital for improved working out: Company... and a Trainer!

Adventure Bootcamp For Women is all about working out outside of a stuffy gym, out in the open air with other people AND a trainer!

Yesterday was my first day and I'll admit, I miiight have had one or two mild strokes and an aneurysm BUT I'll also admit to surviving....aaaaand I might even admit to feeling pretty great once it was over. All vitalised and endorphinish.

It felt incredible to be outdoors, getting my quads and gluts and many other muscles working... and knowing that in four short weeks, I could possibly be smoking hot.

Bootcamp runs for four weeks, three times a week. One girl in my class has done 36 courses, so I'm guessing its pretty addictive.  Even I'm looking forward to Friday's class. And did I mention that it's girls only? No boys ever have to see you sweating, with you "feet hip distance apart" as you clench your bum cheeks real tight like.

Watch this space. I could be pretty sexy soon.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

This one time... Tony Hawk ReTweeted me.

You know when it's just an average Saturday...filled with grocery shopping for a 5-day festival in the Karoo and lunch in China Town...and then suddenly- BAM!- you read a Tweet by Tony Hawk that changes the path of your entire life?

Ya, me too.

Last Saturday Nash, Mellon and I went to Makro to shop for Afrikburn. But that is a story for another day. Right now, I'm here to tell you about my new friend, Tony Hawk.

You may have heard of him before? Pro Skater Video game character? 2 374 981 followers on Twitter?

I've always been a fan of his, and I follow him on Twitter. On Saturday my timeline was filled with Tweets like: "@tonyhawk: Louisville, Ky. The Pub Louisville on Fourth Street Live. Ask for Tish to get your wish. Tell her Tony sent you. #THTH"

Then there was this: "@tonyhawk: Cape Town, South Africa- Beyond the station near Het Posthuys 2 cannons guard surfers corner the treasure is aiming at a record wave #THTH"

After a little bit of research I found out that Tony Hawk was: hosting a Treasure Hunt on Twitter! Across the world, treasures ranging from Tony Hawk signed decks to clothing to Tony Hawk games and even a bmx were being hidden all over the world and Tweets were being sent out with clues to their whereabouts. The cities included most of the major cities in the US, 2 major cities in the UK, 3 in Australia and our very own, Cape Town, South Africa.

Excitement was building inside my body, and when I read Nash the clue, the first place he thought of was Dungeons, in Hout Bay. We LIVE in Hout Bay! There was no way we weren't looking for that treasure. The game was ON!  But after a few more minutes of thinking about it, Nash decided that the treasure was more likely in Muizenberg.

"Beyond the station near Het Posthuys 2 cannons guard surfers corner the treasure is aiming at a record wave"

I asked the trusty Google Machine where Het Posthuys was, and it confirmed Nash's detective instincts.

Surfers corner. Posthuys. Muizenberg Station. Muizenberg Cannons. And a World Record for Most People Riding A Wave Simultaneously. (Thank you Google)

We were on our way to Muizenberg.

We raced through Constantia Neck and skid into the parking lot at Surfers Corner with our eyes peeled for treasure, as well as other treasure hunters.

I was following the trend (#THTH) on Twitter, trying to make sure that no one had  beaten us there while we ran around the train tracks and beach looking for cannons. Finally (I say finally for effect, it had probably only been about 6 minutes) we spotted the cannons at the Muizberg station. Trying not to look too excited about ll of this, we speed walked (as opposed to ran) over to the cannons to claim our prize. All the clues led to this point.

But alas, no treasure. Some clues on Twitter were telling us that we might be looking for a person, a big box or a small envelope. But we found none of these.

We asked around at the local surf shops. We looked inside, around and under the cannons. We almost gave up.

Then, we spotted Posthuys. And the two cannons right outside! Glory BE! Joy and victory washed over my face as I ran up the stairs...once again, to claim my prize. But ALAS! Once again, no prize.

It was time for a little recon. We got in the drove and drove around to all the spots again. We found nothing. We decided it must have been found. Possibly by someone who didn't know how to Tweet. Possibly by a bergie.

In a last-ditch attempt, we went round to Posthuys one last time. I got out and made my way up the stairs. Behind one cannon: Nothing. Behind the next cannon: Nothing. But wait! What's that? A black box?

I picked it up. I shouted "WHOOO!!" as I read the winning phrase on the box: "#THTH". Fat white letters emblazoned across the matte black surface.

The rest is a blur of high fives and a Twitpic to Tony Hawk.

Our new friend Tony (as his friends call him) Re Tweeded our picture, (HE RE TWEETED OUR PICTURE!!) and so far its had 21 000 views!

21 000 views...and counting
 Because of all the long weekends our prize is caught up at post office, but I'll tell you what we won as soon as we lay our pretty little hands (mine, not Nash's) on it.

We may have to take up skating.