Thursday, June 30, 2011

My Birthday Is Drawing Nearer...

This is how happy I am right now.
By a miraculous stroke of pure sweet luck I have actually received THREE of the six items on my Birthday Wish List!! Already!! And there are still 23 days to go before I am the Birthday Queen!!

I won this beautiful Missibaba handbag on BeingBrazen's blog! Can you even believe it???

GHD sent me this amazing bag from their Boho Chic Limited Edition range as a gift!! Now I can carry my styler with me everywhere I go and pretend its a clutch bag. That bad boy is totally going with me to my next red carpet event.

I also went to Elements On Kloof for the most amazing massage of my life! All this, and it's not even my birthday yet. Man oh man, I am a lucky girl.

Clean Make-Up Brushes: How To

A while ago I did a post on Make-Up Brushes: what to get, and how to use them. @CheKershaw from one of my favourite blogs indieberries  requested that I do a post on cleaning your brushes: how often to do it, and how to do it. So, this post is for you Che.

How often should I clean my brushes?

If you are the only one using your brushes, it's still important to wash them, just not as often as a make-up artist. If you regularly do your make-up- like, a full face every day, I'd say you should wash your brushes at least once a week. It cleans off all the old make-up and skin cells, and clean make-up brushes are also easier to use as they go back to their original shape and texture.

What should I use to clean my brushes?

Once again, for personal make-up brushes, you don't need to go to MUA standards of disinfecting etc. Its safe to wash your brushes with a little shampoo and cool water. Otherwise, MAC has a great brush cleaner that cleans and disinfects your brushes in one.

How do I clean my brushes?

The way you clean your brushes is very important as it can determine exactly how long your brushes last. Good quality brushes should last you a lifetime, and if you like after them properly, they will. The most important thing to remember, is to wash only the bristles of the brush. The wood and the ferrule shouldn't get wet at all.

That's the ferrule right there. The little metal bit that holds the wooden brush handle and the bristles together. That bit shouldn't get wet, because it may not dry properly and become miffy inside there which is gross, and because the water and brush cleaner might damage the adhesive that keeps everything stuck.

When I wash my brushes I like to fill the basin with some cool water, and wash each brush separately using a tiny amount of shampoo. You don't need to wash your brushes vigorously. Just small circles in the palm of your hand will do it. Make sure you rinse each brush thoroughly, taking care not to wet the ferrule.

Don't dry us like this!- Brushes

How should I dry my brushes?

Don't try and use heat to dry your brushes. And don't rub them with a towel either. Once you've washed them, gently squeeze out the excess water and lay them down flat, on a towel, to dry.

Don't put them in a cup with the bristles sticking out the top...and especially don't stick them in a cup with the handles sticking out. Lying flat, they will dry into their original shape, and they won't stay damp.

Brushes are expensive... good brushes cost around R400 each, so looking after them properly is a real investment.

Any questions regarding make-up? Drop a comment below and I'll do my best to answer them.

Happy Wedding Weekend Clair!

My beautiful friend Clair is marrying her Prince Charming this Saturday in Durban. I wish I could be in Durbs to do her make-up for her, but sadly I can' I'm dedicating this post her instead.

This is Clair... she's not always upside down though

Happy Wedding Day Clair and Mark. I hope for sunshine and laughs and lots of special moments on your special day. I've gathered some pictures to get you excited Clair...cause I know you've been very busy at work and haven't really had much time to imagine yourself in that white dress.

All pictures via the most beautiful wedding blog in the world welovepictures

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Watch This: Bridesmaids

I had a bit of rant today about the worst movie I've ever seen and about how Hollywood has been disappointing me lately. (I'm talking to you Peter Jackson with The Lovely Bones)

Then came Bridesmaids and saved the day.

Produced by one of my favourite people I've never met, Judd Apatow, this movie is smart, incredibly funny and above all...real.

Dubbed as the "girl version of The Hangover" I can totally get where people would find similarities. But this movie is so much more than The Hangover. It's like a clever The Hangover. 

In one of the opening scenes the two lead girls are having breakfast together, talking about penis. A far cry from the "real" conversations of Sex & The City and the like, with funny one-lines written by witty men, this scene is so incredibly real I felt like I was friends with these girls already. It's awkwardly funny, and its the way my friends and I really speak to each other.

Kristen Wigg, who plays the lead character "Annie" is absolutely incredible. She's somewhat gawky and beautiful in the "not-obvious" way that real girls often are. Her dialogue is so perfectly written it could only have been written by females. Her crazy scenes are phenomenal and she remains her character even when she is completely losing her mind. Nothing is over acted. Which makes it even more funny.

Rose Byrne plays "Helen"...that beautiful, accommodating, friendly girl that every woman knows. She's perfectly lovely in any way and as much as you absolutely hate somehow want to like her. Everything about her character was perfect, from her over-teased hair to her crying scene. 

In fact, every female in this movie is incredibly strong and completely hilarious in various ways. Melissa Mc Carthy (from Gillmore Girlls) is the "Alan" (The Hangover) of the movie and she is just brilliant! Even her completely over-the-top scenes seem real enough to be funny.

Annies douchebag love interest in the beginning of the film is brilliantly played by John Hamm and he is exactly what I hate about men. In fact, if he is not based on my ex boyfriend, I would die of shock.

Now here is my favourite part: Officer Nathan Rhodes. Chris O'Dowd plays a cop who meets Annie when he pulls her over and fines her for having no break lights. I want to run up to the casting directors and producers and hug and kiss and high five them for this inspired choice in the male lead! O'Dowd is everything that Hollywood leading men are not. He's the anti-leading man, inspired by the new school of Johan Hill, Seth Rogan and Michale Cera. 

I am so sick of seeing Matthew Mcconaughey's abs and being expected to fall in love with them. I'm sick of seeing men performing romantic gestures that are so incredibly thoughtful not even I could think of them. I sick of all this unrealistic romance that Hollywood is forcing down my throat.

Those male leads are over. Just like jokes that are real and women's bodies that are real, I want to see men that are real. I want to crush on a male leads awkwardness (Michael Cera) and sense of humor (Seth Rogan) and approachability (Jonah Hill). I want to see him do something small and sweet to romance his girl. Just like real life, where a few yellow tulips mean so much more than the cliche of 150 red roses.

When I'm being entertained, and I'm being fed a soppy love-story, I don't want to be fed something unattainable. I want to go home feeling like I might meet a cute cop with an adorable speech problem. I want to go home fantasising about the guy I might run into at my local coffee shop... not the guy at gym, getting ripped with his chanas and flexing in his reflection on his GTi. 

This movie has given  back my faith in Hollywood. Oh, and did I mention Annie's British roommates? I LOVE THE BRITISH!

Watch this movie. You'll love it. And if you don't... I'm guessing you've got Into The Blue recorded on you PVR.

Cook This: Legumes & Greens



I recently survived Meat Free Monday. Now there's something I thought I'd never say. But it's true. This is how I did it.

Tonight I made another super healthy yet still delicious meal using a variety of legumes and some fresh green veggies.

"Legumes" is pretty much the collective name for things like split peas, brown lentils, red lentils, beans and peas. They are mad healthy and combined with things like pearl barley or other grains they are a very healthy alternative to meat.

Legumes & Greens

Shopping list:

a packet of "soup mix" from Woolies (contains lentils, pearl barley, split peas and red lentils) or
a packet of any of the above
baby spinach
baby green beans
1 onion
organic chicken stock (or veggie stock if you don't like to eat animals)
salt & pepper to taste


put two cups of your soup mix in a pot and cover with chicken stock
simmer for 20 min
in the mean time, cut the tops and tails of as many green beans as you like, and pop them in a microwave dish with water covering them for about 10 minutes
while all that is going on, finely chop one onion, and sweat it off in a little olive oil on a low heat until all the onion is soft
add the green beans to your pan and fry for about 3 minutes
cover the contents of the pan with a couple of hand fulls of baby spinach and ad a splash of water
season with salt & pepper
allow the spinach to wilt
ad about half of your cooked soup mixture to the pan and fry for about 10 minutes on a low heat until most of the moisture has evaporated
serve with a squeeze of fresh lemon over the top

*the other half of your soup mix can be used the next day for soup, salad or as a warm dish on its own served with a green salad.

Just Sitting Around, Thinking About What A Terrible Movie "Splice" Was

I've been very disappointed in movies lately. Hollywood it seems, has been spending too much time making movies about explosions and wasting Shia Le Bouf's time on more Transformer movies when he could be making movies that I want to watch.

Recent movies that I hated include: Thor, X-Men: First Class, and every other movie that I've watched in the cinema or on DVD besides The Kids Are Alright, Bridesmaids, and The Kings Speech.

But the WORST movie I have EVER seen, by FAR, is:
"starring" Adrien Brody
(once again, Blogger is being a little picture-uploading bitch so Google the image)

A film that managed to shatter all my previous Adrien Brody fantasies. It chronicles two scientists who are doing research on animal DNA and trying to clone cells etc etc for medical research. The girl lead secretly creates a creature made up of the best DNA from plants and animals and gasp! humans! Even after her boss told her not to ad human DNA as society still frowns upon such things.

When Brody's character finds out, he is initially outraged and hates this little girl/animal hybrid. His chick goes all mother goose on it and loves it like a child. Eventually, after lots of scenes of both Brody and his chick spending alone time with the thing, Brody starts falling in love with it. His chick starts resenting it, and acting out her own mommy issues and cuts off its venomous tail tip.

He and this creature ultimately have sex and naturally, his chick walks in on the action. She's bleak and he blames her for using her own DNA in the thing because it made him attracted to the thing.

After this, the thing starts losing estrogen and starts morphing into a male. It murders Brody with its venom tail (it grew back) and then rapes the chick before she manages to kill it.

So, let's get this straight: Human cloning, child abuse, incest, rape, murder. Do we have it covered?

I can just imagine the Hollywood execs sitting around their boardroom tables, drinking their "low-fat soy macchiato's". "Alright guys, we are doing a sci-fi horror film. Don't worry, we've got Adrien Brody on board, so we can't fail. Remember The Jacket? Yeah. Exactly. So basically what I want from you, is ideas on how many social taboo's we can cram into one flick."

They set the whole plot up right in the beginning: Brody is trying to convince his chick that they should have a baby. She's not keen. So later in the movie, when she starts mothering the creature, Brody starts resenting it for not being his own kid. We later find out that she has mad issues with her own mom, so she starts abusing this kid thing.

Then later, after Brody has sex with this "child" of theirs, he defends himself by saying its his chicks fault for using her DNA in the thing. "Um, hello? Adrien Brody's character writers? It's the Common Sense Counsel here. We would just like to make sure that you are actually aware that when two people make a baby together, both parties' DNA forms part of the child and that that does not justify a father making love-bizznizz with his own child."

I actually didn't think it could get any more horrific from there, but then, conveniently, the thing transforms into a man and lives out its own mommy issues and mixed feeling of love and hate and rapes its own own mother.

I actually cannot describe how terrible this movie is any further. If you don't agree with me by now then you must have some whacked-out ideas of entertainment. I don't suppose Adrien Brody will ever work again. Although, it's he's probably on the set of Splice 2 already.

Bikini Body: Coming Up

Something very exciting has come up and I need a "bikini body" in two weeks time. I almost fainted when I heard this. It's the middle of winter and currently my bikini is cowering in my closet somewhere between my t-shirts and my "thin pants".

Also, in the past month I have consumed more carbs than a British teen at a pie shop. I blame the moon (Hello? Have you seen what the moon does to the tides? Your body is like, 70% water...imagine yourself as a tide), PMS, and Nash leaving me for Arica and all her beauty.

SO... as soon as I heard the news I did the following:

1. Weighed up if dieting was actually worth this possible "something very exciting"- maybe I wouldn't need to diet after all. Turns out it is actually worth it, so I'm going to have to diet.

2. Instantly wished to be right in the middle of a four week Bootcamp.

3. Rushed to Woolies to buy low-carb, high-protein foodstuffs and a ton of green veg. Then made a chickpea salad that was low in carbs, sugar and fat...but so high in deliciousness that I ate the whole thing by myself. Note to self: must ration portions.

4. Drank a glass of water. (You need 8 a day, right? Why not start right away?)

5. Got on the treadmill. (I despise the treadmill. But it's the only equipment I've got and it's way too cold to go outside)

It's day 3 of my new diet and I'm doing swell. I'm trying to do 30 min of cardio a day (vom) and I'm incorporating some weight training too.

I might start posting a few of my delicious healthy recipes (that is not a joke...I'm actually cooking some stuff at the moment that is very healthy as well as flipping delicious) but I'm worried that people will think I'm some kind of health-nut exercise freak and stop being my friends. It's a tough call.

I Would NEVER Have Survived "127 Hours'

Blogger is being a little bitch and not allowing me to upload any pictures. So in your minds eye...or just on Google images...find a picture of the poster for the movie 127 Hours starring (the delicious) James Franco and imagine I started this post with it.

I recently watched 127 Hours alone. I'm going to be honest, I only watched it for Franco. I ate lots of biltong and made hungry lion noises while watching it. It made me very thirsty. The movie as well as the biltong.
Now you have the back story.

127 Hours is a true story following Aron Ralston's grueling battle to survive after he falls into a canyon whilst hiking in Utah. His right hand gets trapped by a boulder that fell in after him. After 127 hours of dehydration, freezing temperatures, slowly losing his mind and drinking his own wee (I'm sure he watched a lot of Bear Grylls) he finally makes the decision to break his own arm before sawing his fore arm off with a blunt knife.

Here is a brief timeline of Aron's time between a rock and a hard place:

hour 1: panic a little, shout for help

hour 5: make the level minded decision to ration food and water supplies

hours 12-24: use multi-tool to chip away at rock in hopes of freeing hand

hours 24-48: continue chipping, film video diary telling family you love them

hours 48-72: day dream about ex lover, start going delusional

hours 72-127: drink own urine, repeat, hack own arm off

Now I have said numerous times, that I am not a survivor. I am a giver-upper. Now, after watching 127 Hours... I am 100% sure that I am in fact a giver-upper.

Here is a brief timeline of how I would have handled my 127 hours trapped between a rock and a hard place:

hour 1: panic. shout for help. cry. ugly cry. shout. bang head on rock. vomit

hour 1,5: comfort eat all food. shout for help.

hour 2: wash tears off face with half of water (looking ugly). shout violently for help. include swear words.

hours 3-5: make video diary of self crying. shout passionately for help for effect.

hours 5-6: delete video diary of self crying (looks ugly) and record love diary to family and boyfriend. little shouts and soft weeping for purpose of video.

hour 7: wee. don't keep it for drinking. drink last of water in stead. shout for help with renewed vigour.

hours 8-17: figure out how multi tool works

hours 17-24: still can't figure multi-tool out. throw multi-tool away in fit of rage. cry till nose bleeds.

hours 24-127: wait for death

The moral of the story: Don't go hiking.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

WIN! Tickets And A Bar Tab For The Heart Bay Market

This Saturday is the official launch of the new Heart Bay (Hout Bay to those of your who don't live in The Republic) Bay Harbour Market. Nash and I were there a couple of weeks ago for the "unofficial opening" and between the music, food, booze and vibe...things got a little festive. Yes, I mean afternoon tequilas.

This weekend they are planning on bedazzling everyone with food, arts, crafts, music, fashion, booze and delicious food. Entertainment will be provided by Jamie Jupiter and Chris Tokalon as everyone chills out and eats and drinks.

The market has a really rad vibe and is has lots of tables so you don't have to stand around the whole day!

I've got a double ticket, including a R100 bar tab to give away today! All you have to do, is Tweet me (@NatalieRoos) and tell me one thing you love about Heart Bay.

You can find the market at 31 Harbour Road and its open from 9am- 5pm. Go there to find out why exactly we call it Heart Bay. We heart The Republic.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Meat Free Monday

I can't believe I'm writing a post with the title "Meat Free"...anything! Meat is Life!

But... I've decided that I really truly need to step up my healthy eating and going meat-free a couple of days a week just seems like a really good idea.

Tonight I made a delicious Chickpea Salad that was so delicious... I ended up eating the whole tin of chickpeas by myself. I assume this defeats the purpose...but I'm taking baby steps here, ok.

Here's the recipe if you're keen:

Shopping list:

1 tin of organic chickpeas in water
1 small red onion
juice of half a lemon (or a whole lemon if you like your food very lemoney)
big handful of coriander
big handful of basil
2 cloves of fresh garlic
half a fresh red chili
1 or 2 table spoons of olive oil
salt and pepper to taste


Chop up the basil, coriander, onion and, garlic chili. Throw it all in a bowl and mix.

So delicious! And pretty flipping filling.

There Is A Winter Special On At Elements On Kloof!

If you ever need to get me a gift and you're not sure what to get (how is that possible? read this ), you can be secure in the knowledge that I would be absolutely ECSTATIC if you got me a spa voucher. Any spa treatment. A massage, facial, mani, pedi, threading, indian head massage...

I decided to treat myself one such spa treatment when I came across this amazing Winter Special at Elements on Kloof, even if its not my birthday yet. A 90 minute hot stone facial and massage for just R400. That is amazing value for money! Which is exactly why I had to do it. You just can't look a great special like that in the eye, and turn it down to its face. Its bad karma.

Elements is ideally located- right in town. Just across the road from Scar AND it has its own parking area- which, in Kloof Street is a massive plus.

When booking my massage, Elements informed me that the only therapist available at the time that I wanted to book, was male. Was I ok with this? I'd never had any treatments done by a male, but I was sure I was fine with it. Of course I knew he'd be very professional, possibly even more so than a female therapist (because people are obviously expecting it to massively awkward), and he'd have good strong man-hands.

The facial came first. This was my first hot stone facial, and it felt amazing! The sensation of the hot stones and cold products leaves your skin tingling and warm.
After the facial, Daniele moved on to my back and neck with his hot stones.

I've only ever had a hot stone massage once before- on my 21st birthday. And to be honest, I'd actually sworn never to have another. The stones were obviously made of hot molten lava (I could tell by the feeling of blisters forming on my backskin with every touch) and as they melted my skin I wriggled in pain. Even after asking the therapist to cool things down a little, the lava just kept coming. It actually ruined my birthday. I need a cold drink to bring me back to a happy place right now just thinking about it.

However, this was a completely different story. The warm stones felt amazing on my sore, post-pilates back muscles, and warmed up my winter chills. Having a male massage therapist is great because he has naturally strong hands, which means he has to apply less pressure to get a desired intensity of massage. Sometimes, because girls aren't as stong (shut up you feminists) they have to reeaallyy work your muscles and it can hurt a bit. I'm there to relax, not to writhe in agony.

From the back Daniele then moved on to my arms, legs and feet and was silent the whole time. Bliss! Don't chat to me while I am naked with my eyes closed and your hands all over me. My mind is on holiday.

Sadly, the 90 minutes came to an end (obviously Natalie, duh).I have to tell you, this is probably the best way to spend R400 on 90 minutes in Cape Town this winter. (...if ya know whadda' mean...)

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Breaking News: French Bulldog Breeding Cult In East Londong

I've been trying for a while now to find a French Bulldog puppy to surprise Nash with on his birthday. He really really wants one and I like to give him what he wants. I've searched all over the interwebs, and I've managed to find 4 different French Bulldogs breeders who all happen to have a litter of pups between 7 & 8 weeks old.

Their names are:

Carol Anfack
Alain Steven
Hansie van Niekerk
And a man known simply, as Mark.

I was very excited when I found these five breeders, as between them, I was sure I would be able to locate at least one beautiful puppy for us to adopt as our own dogchild.

After back-and-forth emails, I managed to find out that, conveniently, they all happen to live in East London! Not-so-conveniently, only one of them seems to have a working cellphone. I don't care though, I just want a puppy from them even- if they don't have airtime, so I decided to speak telephonically to the man called Hansie van Niekerk.

When Hansie answered the phone, it was clear that he was not Afrikaans as I had originally suspected, but he was in fact a man of obvious West African decent. Possibly Nigeria. Hansie van Niekerk- The Nigerian. Can you believe? Never mind, I still want his puppy.

I spoke to Hansie The Nigerian French Bulldog breeder, and asked him if he had any puppies for sale. He told me he'd phone me back.

Later, I called Hansie back, and a man called Mark answered his phone. He was also selling puppies. But his name was Mark! Would you believe!

Turns out, he was Mark from the internet! Mark the French Bulldog breeder from East London was answering Hansie van Niekerk the Nigerian French Bulldog Breeder from East London's phone!

Mark and Hansie van Niekerk the Nigerian French Bulldog Breeders from East London later sent me this detailed email, along with these photographs of their puppies:

Thanks for the mail and ?You sound loving and caring for the puppy (How nice of Hansie & Mark. And how observant they are! They had only spoken to me on the phone for a few seconds each, and already they could tell I was loving and caring) and i assure that this puppy will make a great companion with you provided you show him or her love and attention. The puppies are 10 weeks old (They have aged by two weeks since our phone conversation, obviously) and are potty trained. Attached are recent pics of the puppies .Since you are interested in adopting just one puppy then fine provided a loving home is guaranteed.Molly is the male and Lilly is the female (Molly is a bit of an iffy name for a male, but I still want him)

To tell you a bit about my self,i am 59 . I got married 10 years back and so happily married. I have been with dogs all my life . I love this puppies so much and i want the best home.

I work with the American Peace Corps Association,This is a self voluntary humanitarian Association which sole purpose is to provide for the needy, the poor, the homeless . The Peace Corps Volunteers serve in 74 countries in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Central and South America, Europe, and the Middle East. Collaborating with local community members, Volunteers work in areas like education, youth outreach and community development, the environment, and information technology. The Peace Corps works in countries from Asia to Central America, and from Europe to Africa. In each of these countries, Volunteers work with governments, schools, and entrepreneurs to address changing and complex needs in education, health and HIV/AIDS, business, information technology, agriculture, and the environment. you can find out more about this Association at <> ..... maybe you might wish to volunteer and join.. (No)

WE are on a peace corps mission in South Africa East London and I'm giving the puppies out because we are soon living south Africa to Switzerland and i have been told by out general manager that there is now way that i can travel to Switzerland along side with this puppies because we have a lot of work to do there.So i was really worried but i have no option than to give them out . So I am presently in South Africa East London now! and i will be transporting the puppy from South Africa East London and the transportation from South Africa East London will take just some few hours. I will only transport this puppy to you provided a loving home is guaranteed.

So the puppy will be transported and delivered right to your door step. I will be transporting the puppy along side with all it health papers, clothing, (How much clothing exactly? I don't have that much closet space?) toys and traveling crate. I will be glad to answer any questions that you might have to help you get your new family member. Take a look at the pictures of the puppies Molly is the male and Lilly is the female Thanks and reply

Hansie van niekek and Mark



     Molly (The boy) 

Poor Hansie. Not only was he single up to the age of 49 (!!!) but he also can't spell his own surname. I'm not saying I don't want his puppy, of course.

I also got a reply from Alain Stevens shortly after I emailed him:

Hello there,
Regards to received mail.My French bulldog pups are just 9 weeks old and are ready for new homes now.My pups are Short and stocky,excellent pedigree from great champion lines pure bred French bulldog puppies They are so beautiful.They will make a very good companion.They are full of fun and love to play.They are very nice looking puppies.They have a reason to be proud of themselves. (I'm sure they do!) Both of dad's parents are champions and mom was champion sired.You can be proud of them just anywhere you go.I offer 1 for R3000.This includes transportation and handling charges to your location nationwide if you can not come for pick up.Have some few questions if you don't mind.Are you experienced with dogs,do you have a family and children to play with a dog.I'm based in East London,Eastern Cape? (Yes? You are?) and finally which sex would you like?




I've informed Alain that I would like a male puppy. As I said, his phone is out of order, so I can't call him. But as soon as he gets back to me, I'm transferring the money to his account!

When Hansie van Niekek and Mark The Nigerian reply, I am totally transferring the money to them too!
They all just seem so nice! And like they really care about dogs. And I need to be sure I'm getting a puppy.

Just got an email from Amanda. She also happens to have a puppy called Lilly! Yay! I'm transferring money to her account too! Weeeee! I'm not sure if she lives with Mark, Hansie van Niekek and Alain in the East London French Bulldog cult, but I'm guessing she does.

Lilly (The Second) 

*Nash, if you're reading this, you're probably not getting a French Bulldog for your birthday.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Green Fairies..And Other Lovely Things At The Jorgensens

The Elusive Green Fairy

Last weekend, Nash and I decided to make a mission to Wellington for a romantic weekend getaway before his departure on the Putfoot Ralley. We chose Wellington because of my deep, meaningful love affair with Diemersfontein Pinotage. It ended up being a weekend getaway filled with high spirits, new friends, a little green fairy...and of course it ended off with a bit of romance, too.

We had planned on Diemersfontein for a bit of wine tasting, followed by a visit to Jorgensen's Craft Distillery to meet with the lovely Dawn and her mad scientist/genius husband Roger for a tasting of their spirits; Primitv Vodka...and more
Man, Scientist, Genius
specifically, Field Of Dreams Absinthe. I had met Dawn a few weeks before at the 36Boutiques shoot we had worked on together and decided a visit to their distillery was an absolute must after I read this article on the Jorgensens in the Kulula in flight magazine. In the meantime, Nash had actually seen the same article on a flight he was on earlier this month, and kept the magazine to remind him to organize us a tasting of this elusive Absinthe.

Call it fate or kismet, if you will... (I most certainly will)

So, after a light lunch at Diemersfontein, we set off for the Jorgensens. Arriving at their farm, you would think we had actually been friends for 20 years (which is impossible, as I would have been just 2 when we met), and we were just popping round for a catch-up and a bit to drink.

This couple's friendly, warm welcome instantly set us at ease (which often doesn't happen at tastings, and they end up being stiff and not very interesting) and I felt free to ask questions and make stupid jokes as Roger explained all about their craft distillery. They use as many local ingredients as possible-some of them are even bartered from their neighbours-and when they speak about their spirits, you can really tell how incredibly passionate they are about every aspect of the production...right through to the final product.

Dawn and Roger are such infectious personalities and when they speak, you are completely taken by what they are saying. Much later, as we were leaving Nash turned to me and said, completely straight faced "Dawn is probably the most incredibly beautiful woman in the world". So there you have it.

After our tour of the distillery we were ushered onto the Jorgensen's spacious back
stoep, to possibly the most beautiful view anyone could have at their own home. Iced shot glasses were placed in front of us, as Roger explained all about their flagship spirit, Primitiv Vodka while Dawn poured us sizable tasters. Primitv is South Africa's first "sipping vodka", which means that it's meant to be drunk like the Russians do it: on ice.

The thought of vodka on ice brings chills to my skin and bile to my throat, as I'm sure it does to yours... but this vodka is different. It is smooth and tasty. It doesn't make you wish you were in a coma. Yes, its actually tasty!

I actually had no idea that vodka was actually even supposed to taste like anything. I thought the "flavour" was Alcohol. Primitiv is complex, and flavourful, and full and "heavy" in your mouth. Dawn served us tiny slices of a heavy, dark bread topped with smoked salmon trout and caviar. The oily fish and heavy bread are a perfect match for the vodka and I am mad keen on this "food paired with vodka" vibe.

In fact, I think all food should be paired with alcohol.

Our vodka glasses were cleared away swiftly and replaced with tots of their Naked Lemoncello.  Lemony, real, delicious. None of
that horrific yellow water flavoured with lemon syrup. This is the real thing. In fact, its probably healthy for you! It's probably part of the 5 fruits and veg you should have daily.

This was followed by a few sips of delicious potstill brandy. Another one of their products designed to be enjoyed neat. Free from mixers, and their sugars. (Secretly, I think its all about getting everyone more inebriated, quicker). Roger serves these with little chocolate truffles, infused with the brandy.

It didn't taste like the sweet brandy of my childhood (kidding)... was time to test out the thing we were most keen on: The Absinthe. I'd never had it before, because I'd heard that "the South African one" wasn't really what it was all about and that it didn't offer the same effect as the original Absinthe.You know, the one that your friends had in Rome and Chechosloswedia, and Amsterdam...
Apparently, large amounts of Absinthe can make you loose your sense of self-awareness, and encourage creativity. Which explains why it is rumoured that pretty much all of the great writers and thinkers were big drinkers of the stuff.  Roger has gone to great lengths to make sure his recipe is authentic, and he grows most of the herbs at home.

If you've never tried Absinthe before: The flavour is incredibly strong. Its quite bitter, and very herby. It smells strongly of aniseed and tastes of liquorice. The Jorgensen's Absinthe is an incredible, beautiful green, but the real magic happens when it is mixed with water: as you drip the water into the Absinthe it creates a weird, smoke-like mixing effect in the glass and the colour changes from green to a gorgeous jade. It' quite mind bottling.

With the sun setting over the beautiful mountains in front of us, we sat around chatting to our new friends about their lives, our lives, and the perils of curing olives and paying customs on booze (them, not us).

After saying our goodbyes to the Jorgensen family (their lovely daughter Lemor had by this time also joined the party) three hours later, armed with a bottle of the good stuff (the Absinthe-duh) we headed back to Diemersfontein where we were spending the night.

We had a fantastic dinner at their Seasons restaurant and managed to polish off three bottles of pinotage with the wonderful Rene and the farm's owner before retiring to our room. With a fire roaring in our bedroom and the wind and rain going wild outside we sipped on some more Absinthe...and woke up at dead...with no recollection of how we got under the covers.

I have a feeling we miiiiiight have been distracted by a certain green fairy...

You Guys... Look What @Kassphotography Made!

My friend, the incredibly talented Kass from Kass Photography called me one particularly misty morning a couple of months ago and asked if I was free to go play "photo-photo". Of course, I was!

Look at what incredible things she managed to do with my face.

I'd never shot with a girl photographer before, and it made such a huge difference. It just brings out different qualities in you, and makes you feel sexy in different ways.

I feel like these are the most beautiful pictures anyone has ever taken of me.

Kass is available for shoots for pretty much everything from portfolio's to weddings. She is flipping lovely.

Thanks Kass!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Nash Is Going Away...Timeline Of My Emotions

Nash is going away for 17 days.
This is the longest we have ever been apart.

This is the expected timeline of my emotions:



 DAY 7

DAY 11


DAYS 15-17