Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Cape Town Sub-Cultures: Part 1

I am not a Cape Town native. I was born and bred in Joburg, and I've only been living in Cape Town for the past  11 months. In this time, I have been keenly observing the Native Capetonians I come across. Watching their ways. Noting their habits. Dissecting their species. And I have come to the conclusion, that Cape Town is a city of The Sub-Culture.

For a place so small, Cape Town sure does have a vast variety of individuals. So many various individuals...grouping together in small groups. Just being wildly individual...together.

Across these pages, I will be noting my scientific research into The Capetonian And It's Sub-Culture. Delving into the habits, natural habitat and dress sense of this interesting, and diverse range of peoples.

We kick this series off with a Sub-Culture that is very prevalent in these parts, especially over the summer months. I give to you:

The Waitress/Model

Natural Habitat: Royale, Hudsons, Caprice, Neighbourhood

Likes To Wear: Short-shorts, cute aprons, long hair

Behaviour: Likes to stand around looking pretty, pretending to care about serving patrons whilst running lines in her mind. (lines to a script people! sheesh) Welcomes patrons with her words, whilst making them acutely aware that she's not happy at all to have to serve them, with her eyes. She will offer you terrible service, forgetting your order after refusing to write it down, giving you a dirty look at your order of extra cheese and ignoring you as you become increasingly parched before bringing you the bill with a giant smile and a swish of her lavender-scented, waist-length mane. Is often featured in non-paying jobs for obscure European brands as she "builds her portfolio" and promises her daddy that she's going to "make it big next season" as he foots the bills to her studio apartment in the nice part of Town.

The Vida e Frequenter

Natural Habitat: Kloof Street Vida, Wembley Square Vida, Upper East Side Vida, any beach front long as it's withing skipping distance of a Vida, Virgin Active, Sea Point Promenade Running Cliques

Likes to wear: Running gear. And I'm not talking about tracksuit pants and massive t-shirts from Dad's golf day prize hamper. Matching Nike from head to toe. Including iPod and shades. This is when they aren't wearing tastefully trendy business attire, that is.

Behaviour: Absolutely CANNOT function before their morning dose of Flat White. Except to Tweet. That they cannot function without their morning dose of Flat White. Greets every single "OBRIGADO" shouting barista by name and with a secret handshake. Likes to use the "will this card do" gag, flashing their platinum credit card instead of their Vida Regulars card for some laughs. Skilfully manages to check emails on their iPhone, iPad and Macbook Air on the treadmill whilst sipping on their double espresso... and Tweeting about it.

I hope that brings you some clarity and a little more insight into the Native Capetonian. Not that anyone in Cape Town is actually a native...which brings me to:

The "Cape Town Native"

Not to be confused with The Cape Town Native. Hails from anywhere that is not Cape Town, yet claims to be Capetonian.

Natural Habitat: Everywhere. Every street in every district in this entire city. You probably work with at least 6 of them.

Likes To Wear: A wide variety of clothing. But mainly what other Capetonians are wearing. Except the ones from can find them in white slops accessorized with a Hansa.

Behaviour: Likes to list "Cape Town" as home town on Facebook. When asked "Are you from Cape Town" they answer with "Yes. Well...originally from Durban/Joburg/PE but I've been in Cape Town for 4 months. So yes."

Tune in next time for another foray into the fascinating world of Cape Town and its Sub-Cultures.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

LEE Launches At Bonafide

My favourite pair of jeans ever, EVER have got to be my Lee High Waisted badboys. They are the perfect cut, nipping in nice and tight at the waist, just grazing the ankle and they are the perfect colour.

Actually, I wear at least one item of Lee clothing if you look closely you'll see that Nash is in head-to-toe Lee at all times.

Finally, Lee is launching a really nice selection of awesomery in a Cape Town store, which means that we can all start dressing in more and more Lee and start a gang!

On Wednesday, 7 September, Lee officailly launches at Bonafide on Long Street. There will be drinks, eats and awesome people who love to wear Lee... Like these two:

image via

Ok...they won't actually be there (cause they live in Durban) but people of equal radness will. wanna be invited to the Lee Launch at Bonafide?

I've got a double ticket to this rad launch PLUS a pair of denims for you... and sommer one for your maaikie too! So you can rest assured that you'll defs be part of our Lee gang! If you want to... you don't have to. Well... you do.

To WIN this evening of awesomery PLUS two pairs of denims all you have to do is:

Like Lee on Facebook
Like Bonafide on Facebook
Drop a comment in the comments section below with your email address and a few words expressing your desire to be part of our gang
*And Tweet me @NatalieRoos and the friend you're planning on taking with you for an extra entry. Remember to use the #LeeLaunchBonafide*


I look forward to meeting you, new friends/gang members!

Latest Obsession: Googling Images Of China

I desperately, desperately want to go to China for a couple of weeks next year. I mentioned it to Nash. Then I started thinking about it. Then I started Googling it. Now I'm obsessed with it.

But just look at these could I not be obsessed with it?

I'm off something that's not "Google China"

Springbok Squad 2011 Announcement

Last night I, along with the rest of the country, watched as the Springbok squad for the 2011 Rugby World Cup was announced. Its not that I particularly like rugby, or that I'm particularly interested in the sport...but this is our national pride here. I am nothing if not patriotic. dad was in control of the remote.

Here are my thoughts on the team.

-ah look, it's studio 7
imagie via Kevin McCallum

-guthro steenkamp is only 30?!
-that boy is 26! and that one is 24! these are children we're sending over!
-imagine if we could have a coach that was a little bit smaller...but then we might never find him
-they must be taking matfied as adult supervision pat lambie and frans steyn are...two different people?!

-on that note, frans is the one with the cute hair
-beast...26...come on
-thank goodness ard matthews knows more words than the players
-i wonder what the director must be shouting right now
-these boys all look better with a little make-up
-the hats!

As you can tell, I'm very insightful.

The Bouwer Bosch Show

My friend Bouwer Bosch is a pretty funny guy. Like, can't-even-talk-cause-I'm-laughing-too-much funny. I think much of his comedy is lost to Twitter because he thinks in Afrikaans and Tweets in English. But believe me, in real life, he is hilarious. Actually, whenever I talk to him, I feel pressured to try and be funny too.

He is also a rock star. Frontman of the incredibly successful Afrikaans rock band Straatligkinders. One half of pop duo Dans Dans Lisa (with Deon Meiring) and currently-recording-solo-artist.

Now, he is also an Interweb Comedian.

Check out his interview he did with himself.

Amazing stuff Bouwer. Can I be a guest on your show?

Monday, August 22, 2011

Forever New: Age Of Innocence

Forever New, the store I want to drape the contents of all over my body and wear for the rest of forever is launching their exquisite new range today. Have a look at these pictures and tell me that they don't make you want to sip Kir Royales in the sunshine whilst little birds braid flowers into your hair with their beaks...

So beautiful. Please Age Of Innocence... get on my body and stay there.

Sunday, August 21, 2011


Tonight on Twitter, I finally broke my strategic silence regarding the Slutwalk. I had chosen not to comment on the movement, or on the Tweets of others because I feel that debate on Twitter is not something I want to waste my valuable anger on. Also because rape, and other sexual abuse is something I feel incredibly, incredibly passionate about. But after a lot of thought, I feel like I'm ready to tackle the subject. In more than 140 characters.

Twitter has been littered with people delivering their opinions on the matter. Men, offering their valuable, insightful thoughts on women who fall victim to the rape crisis (?). Stating that women marching through the streets is not going to stop rape. Proving beyond doubt their ignorance toward the Slutwalk, and the rape crisis in general.

Women complaining that the word "slut" is too crass. Again, not exactly relevant when looking at what exactly the Slutwalk is trying to promote, considering that the Slutwalk's main objective is to raise awareness for rape survivors. To break the stigma attached to women who fall victim to this disgusting crime.The protest movement originated in Toronto, Canada, sparked by a police officer's remark that women could avoid being raped by not dressing like "sluts", which is where the name comes from.

"Cape Town - An international protest against the notion that a woman's appearance can explain or excuse attacks has come to South Africa, where rape is seen as a national crisis."

Slutwalk is not about protesting for the right to dress revealingly. It's about the right to be a woman and not be judged by ignorant people, blissfully living their lives with no idea what it feels like to have been violated/or live in fear of being violated in the most personal, most emotionally damaging and humiliating way possible.

It's about the right to wear a swimming costume in front of your uncle and not be molested.
It's about the right to change your mind about wanting to sleep with a guy, even if you have gone home with him.
It's about the right to be a woman and feel safe in the skin and boobs and legs you were given.
It's about being able to speak about your violation, and receive support and protection from society, in stead of blame...not about the right to wear your sexuality on sleeve. (But if that's what you want to do, you should have the right to do it anyway)

I came across this blogpost tonight:

"As a college coed, I sat through my fair share of women’s safety lectures. No presenter ever wanted to say it, but it had to be acknowledged as true: No way a girl who stays in her secured dorm room or heads to the local movie theater with friends on a Friday night runs the same risk of date rape as a girl who dances on the tables or falls down drunk at a college kegger. That’s just common sense."

To this person I have to ask: Are you permanently this stupid? Or was this an isolated incident?

"A girl who stays in her secured dorm room"??
Is this the lifestyle women should aspire to? To live locked up, secured in our homes/dorm rooms/convents in order to avoid rape?! And what about the rest of us, those who do venture out into the harsh light of day, or God forbid: a party at night...what, we just deserve to be raped? 

I want to spit in the eye of the woman who wrote that post.

The truth is, dressing like a "slut" has absolutely nothing to do with rape. Rape is not about lust. It is about power

Rape is about men who are sick. Not women who dress in a certain way. A rapist is a breed. There were rapists around long before society had decided what was and what was not to be deemed as "slutty" A rapist will rape "ugly" women, overweight women, old women, children. Regardless of what they are wearing. 

Should children not be allowed on beaches wearing swimwear? Is that "slutty" attire? Are they just be begging for a good raping? And I'm not quite sure how old ladies could possibly dress any less slutty...perhaps they should just not be allowed out at all? 

Would this curb the rape crisis?

Oh, but what about women who are raped by the pigs who break into their homes in the dead of night? Is this their own fault, too? Should they be allowed to dress like "sluts" in their own homes? 

What about babies who are raped? Nine, 10 months old? Did something they were wearing provoke their rapist?

How about the men who are raped in prison? Does anyone honestly think this is about lust and not power? Surely not about what they were wearing?

Being sexually assaulted leaves the victim completely emotionally wrecked and physically broken...powerless. It is about stripping a human of their self worth. About asserting yourself as the most powerful. 

The Guardian UK tells of male rape victims all over the world. 

"It's not just in East Africa that these stories remain unheard. One of the few academics to have looked into the issue in any detail is Lara Stemple, of the University of California's Health and Human Rights Law Project. Her study Male Rape and Human Rights notes incidents of male sexual violence as a weapon of wartime or political aggression in countries such as Chile, Greece, Croatia, Iran, Kuwait, the former Soviet Union and the former Yugoslavia. Twenty-one per cent of Sri Lankan males who were seen at a London torture treatment centre reported sexual abuse while in detention. In El Salvador, 76% of male political prisoners surveyed in the 1980s described at least one incidence of sexual torture. A study of 6,000 concentration-camp inmates in Sarajevo found that 80% of men reported having been raped."

Once again, this has nothing to do with the way they dress, or the way they conduct themselves. 

You may argue that date rape is a different situation. That girls who allow themselves to be alone in a room with a male (gasp!), or who do decide to go home with a male, are to blame. "It's her own fault" you say, around your dinner table.

Have you ever had to fend off a man's advances? Hurt his ego? Have you ever experienced the harsh words of a man who feels emasculated by your disinterest?

Now imagine that emotion in a man with pre-existing power and control issues. Imagine him taking out his frustration at having  his ego bruised  and violently asserting his power in the one way he can... The one way he knows he can permanently damage you.

Date rape is not about lust. It's not about a man being unable to control his sexual urges. It has nothing to do with what the girl might be wearing. It has to do with being the most powerful, most important, most dominant. 

In Uganda, when villages are pillaged by rebels, every woman in the village is raped repeatedly in front of their men. Because the rebels have sexual "needs" and are driven to lustful violence by the what the women are wearing? No. Because they want to show the men in village that they have all the power. That they can break their women, without even having to kill them.

The Gaurdian, UK:
"Sexual violence is one of the most horrific weapons of war, an instrument of terror used against women"

Rape is a weapon. Not a result of a woman's actions.

The blog again, "by taking care to dress in a self-respecting manner and by not putting themselves in potentially compromising situations, women reduce the likelihood that they will be that victim in the first place." It is not a punishment inflicted upon women who somehow "deserve it" because of the way they dress, or the places they go, or the way they conduct themselves!

I sincerely hope that this poor girl never has to be the victim of any sexual abuse. Because if this is her point of view, I can only imagine the years of self-hate and blame she would inflict upon herself.

I fully support the Slutwalk and what it is promoting. I personally know many girls (a lot more than you'd expect) who I grew up with, went to school with-girls who are in no way "slutty"-who have been victims of sexual assault. Some of them refuse to speak about it, because they are afraid of the way society would label them. Girls who walk around for years thinking that it is somehow their own fault...while people who have never experienced the utter anguish of sexual violence wax lyrical about girls who "bring it upon themselves."

I hope that many more girls (and guys) stand up and shout (be it in the Slutwalk marches, online, or around a braai) "I am a victim of sexual violence! And it was NOT my fault!"

VAMP:A Nicci St Bruce & Jade Mulvaney Short Film

The craziest -and possibly the coolest- girl I know, Nicci St. Bruce is launching her VAMP Short Film in cahoots with Jade Mulvaney on September 5th at Waiting Room.

Entrance is R20 and it's sure to be a feast for everyone's eyeballs. And probably create a need in me to be infinitely cooler than I am.

Here are a couple of behind the scenes pictures of the shoot taken from Nicci's blog:

Where does she even find people who look like this?

Follow Nicci's blog here.

I'm off to study we-are-awesome and pretend I dress that well.

Lauren Fowler At The Fringe Arts

My super talented, super gorgeous friend, Lauren Fowler is doing a window exhibition at The Fringe Arts on Kloof Street at the moment.

Lauren is a magical illustrator, x-stitch stitcher and graphic designer. She very graciously gave me one of her beautiful prints for my birthday, and it's one of my most prized possessions.

order one of these bad boys on and be best at gift card giving

i am so lucky to have one these beauties in my very own living room

Lauren invited me to come have a looky at her beautiful work in real life today, but sadly I'm at work in Joburg. Boo.

If you're in Town, put your walking shoes on and do a power walk over to The Fringe Arts and go tell Lauren how much I love her work.

What a talented girl!

Follow Lauren on Twitter here and read her blog here.

Eat Here: La Mouette

I eat out a lot. I'm by no stretch of my own hype-machine any kind of "professional foodie", but I do consider eating amazing food to be a very serious hobby of mine. I don't eat to survive. I eat because I absolutely adore food. Looking at, tasting it, savouring it, cooking it, thinking and daydreaming about it... I just love food.

Team La Mouette

Imagine how happy I am in Cape Town, with all its fantastic eateries. There aren't enough hours in the day to eat all the food I constantly salivate after. I do however, like to save up those hours for a very special treat at my most favourite restaurant of them all: La Mouette.

From the welcoming and knowledgeable staff, to the cozy interior, the extensive wine list, delicious, innovative menu and fantastic value for money...this is one place worth making a fuss about.

The first time we enjoyed a meal at La Mouette, was in July upon the recommendation of Cape Town's most informed informant, Concierge Ryan for Nash's Birthday. We were there for the July Tasting Menu Special-at just R240 for a 6 course menu for two, it was an absolute steal! The wine pairing, at R160 per person was the perfect accompaniment and by the end of the 6 ample glasses, I must admit to being quite tipsy. Just right for birthday celebrations.

Since that night, (July 13th) I have not stopped talking and thinking about going back. And this weekend, we finally got the opportunity. Once again, we were both blown away.

Chef Henry's Tasting Menu changes every month, so I was incredibly excited to see what he'd come up with for August. The menu was, once again, interesting, innovative, satisfying and moreish. The portion sizes are just perfect-enough, but not too much. I was feeling a little fragile from the previous night's antics, and decided to forgo the wine this time round... All the more reason to pay them a visit next month for September's Menu.

The Winter Special runs until October, and I strongly suggest you do your best to sample it. It's actually worth coming to Cape Town for a weekend, just to eat here.

Here's a sample of what we had...
The menu:

Truffle and cheese croquettes  smoked tomato aioli

Villiera Brut N/V
Sweet potato soup  tomato harissa, yogurt and lavoche

Kleine Zalze ‘Bushvines’ Chenin Blanc 2010
Roasted linefish  aubergine puree, potato gnocchi, carrots and capers  

Tokara Zondernaam Chardonnay (unwooded) 2010
Braised lamb ravioli  puttanesca sauce, pecorino and roasted garlic foam  

Beef sirloin (R35 supplement)  smoked mash, caramelized shallots, port ‘caviar’ and bordelaise sauce

Delaire Shiraz 2009
Rhubarb and custard  rhubarb foam, custard panacotta and warm doughnut

White chocolate and lemon grass macaroon  passion fruit sorbet and lime leaf espuma

Graham Beck Rhona  Muscadel 2008
La Mouette Restaurant    78 Regent Road    Seapoint    Tel 021 433 0856

Follow Team Lamouette on Twitter here.

*Thank you Mari, for coming to say hi, and for making us feel so welcome. We will be back soon. 
*All images via La Mouette

Latest Obsession: Incoco Nail Polish Applique

On Friday I received a product that got me super excited! So excited in fact, that I had to try it the very second I got home. Then I spent the rest of the weekend telling everyone with ears how excited I was about it.

One of my very worst habits is leaving my nail polish on so long that it chips and chips until I'm so flipping ashamed of my finger nails that I keep my hands jammed into my pocket and won't even bring them out to shake hands with a new friend and instead offer the new friend my elbow to shake and then thing become awkward...

And it's not because I don't like nail polish, or polishing my nails. Oh no, mister! I get butterflies in my tummy thinking about the spring Essie range as much as the next girl. It's just that I don't always have the time to paint my nails. And I always get impatient waiting for them dry, so I end up running my freshly-polished nails through my hair, or falling asleep before they're dry or touch-testing them, checking them over and over for optimal dryness until my finger prints are embossed into my new nail colour.

And that's why Incoco excites me so much. It goes on dry!

Incoco Nail Polish Applique is a compressed base coat, colour coat, and top coat in one. It goes on dry, so there is no wait time (although they do take about 15 mintues to fully "set", they don't smear or smudge), and it lasts for up to 14 days-but I'd say 10, to be safe.

I applied it by myself and even though it was my first time, it only took about 8 minutes.

Incoco comes in various colours and textures: creme, frost, sheer, glitter, neon and shimmer! Not to mention their vast range of nail art designs, if that's your vibe.

Here's a little tutorial I made while I was applying mine:

First, select your colour

Remove from packaging

Snip them all up, so they are easy to apply

Find the right size for each of your nails and line them up in front of you

Remove the plastic film. Apply to your nail, starting with your pinkie finger. Use your thumb nail to firmly press down around the edges of your Incoco so that it fits perfectly, and use the little nail file that come with the Incoco to file the edges down at the tip of your nail. Use the other end of the same strip for your other pinkie.

Ta-da! Looks professional, yes?

So easy to use and a beautiful finish. I'm now obsessed. I want every colour.

Incoco is available at Sorbet Salons, and Wellness Warehouse. And keep your eyeballs on this here blog...I might have a little give-away coming up for you.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

I Really Hope This Girl Is Joking

I just found this picture on Lookbook. In there, amongst all the beautiful outfits and original ideas and this girl:


I do hope she's being ironic.


I first found out about this beautiful camera on the lovely emmajanenation blog and if humans could fall in love with technological machinery pieces, and it was legal to marry them, I would marry this camera and go live with it in Mexico where we wouldn't be judged by the harsh eyes of societal judgers.

olympus pen e-p3

I love the Olympus PEN e-p3's vintage look, like a throwback to the film cameras of years gone by.

We had our camera stolen when they broke into our place earlier this year, and I've been looking around for a camera since then. I really want a digital SLR but they are so big and bulky that I'm worried I'll end up never using it.

The PEN is as small as a point-and-shoot camera, but delivers the quality of an SLR. So you never have to stalk through a packed Assembly with a massive camera hanging around your neck like some pseudo-hipster photographer wannabe. 

And did I mention it is absolutely lovely to look at?

I really want it.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I Just Joined Bloglovin

I've just spent the past hour with Nicci St Bruce from City Kids and in that hour she's convinced me to sell pictures of my tongue online and to join Bloglovin.

I'm worried about the influence this tiny girl with the magical hair has over me and internet doings. Perhaps she has a special power to make people become obsessed with the internets.


Follow me here Follow tailsofamermaid

If you really loved my blog, you'd follow it.

Chest Bones Freak Me Out

I saw this picture on bangersandnash today
(yes, bangersandnash is my boyfriend.)
(yes, I always look at the Friday's Friend galleries.)

I was trying to figure out if this girl was hot... but then her chest bones were so horrifically distracting I couldn't look past them to notice any of her hotness.

I don't think chest bones like this are sexy. They are distracting.

Anyway, if you somehow find these chest bones sexy, you'll love the rest of her gallery.

I'm Selling Pictures Of My Tongue Online

No really, I am.

I've been approached by someone who found out in an online interview that I have a particularly long tongue. "She" lives in Miami and wants me to send "her" pictures of my long tongue so that "she" can edit them for a "humouristic photoset".

You may judge me now, but I'll be the one getting paid in dollars to sell my tongue images to this Miamese photo editor.

If you're interested in purchasing pictures of any of my other body parts, just drop a comment in the comments section below.

I am totally kidding.

Well, I am selling my tongue photos. But other body part photo's are not for sale.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Baby Monkey Riding Backwards On A Pig

Look at this video. Just, look at it. Have you ever seen anything more wonderful in your life?!

No. The truth is, you have not.

I want a baby monkey riding backwards on a pig. I want one so bad.

Current Obsession: The ghd Pink Orchid

ghd have done it again

this month, ghd launched their new pink orchid limited edition set
it retails for R2800

R100 from each set sold is donated to CANSA

each set comes with the new gold classic styler, protective guard, sectioning clips
and a heat-resistant case which is so pretty you can use it as a clutch bag too

they've also released this comprehensive range of styling products

ghd style

sleek & straight

ghd have it all covered
this new range was delevoped with professional stylists and
offers everything you need to style your maine,
whilst protecting your hair from heat at the same time

love, love, love
i want it all

WIN! James Blunt Is Coming To South Africa!

Remember when we were 17 and we were making out for hours and hours and James Blunt was playing in the background and it was so flipping romantic we thought we'd just die of all the romance?

"Hi, I'm James Blunt. Hi 5's for romance! Yeah!"

Now we get to re-live that romance right here in the year 2011 in our very own country! James Blunt is coming to South Africa ladies and lady-boys and I think we can all agree that we would like to go to his show for free.

And we can!


I've got two James Blunt albums to give away right here and now to a lucky winner... but the real pot of gold at the end of this rainbow, is that if you win, you automatically get entered into the BIG competition to win TWO TICKETS to go see Jamie James LIVE! in the flesh. In the flesh, people!


1. Head over to Look & Listen Online and purchase any James Blunt single (or album) or buy it in store.

2. Email me with the following:

a."Why James Blunt should be YOUR man"
   -Be creative, be clever, be a good speller, be funny and be a little bit sexy if you want extra points

b. The city you live in

c. The receipt/rarcode number: eg 201671662556 from your Look & Listen purchase

KIEF! Now, let's all remember that James Blunt is the guy who is not afraid to say "I was fucking high" in his love songs. Only a real man would do that.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Omusic Monday: The Oppikoppi Video

You've read the Oppikoppi posts: 1 & watch the video. Filmed on our Go.Pro camera and edited by our friends at Motion City Films here in Cape Town.

Thanks again to Omusic for making it happen. And to Jose Cuervo for the entertainment and intoxication.

Check out Omusic , Motion City Films and Jose Cuervo on Facebook.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Oppikopi: Part 2 - Brought to you by Omusic

If you haven't read Part 1 of my Oppikoppi story, you should go back and do so. It is a very important part of this two-part story. I'd say it makes up 50% of the detail.

Now, at the end of Part 1 we had just reached Saturday morning at Koppi. Saturday: The 29 hour Day.

After a delicious hot breakfast and shower at the Kreef we went on over to the Skellum stage and I gave away some rad Omusic merch from the stage. Thanks to Omusic for actually taking the time to make some merch that is useful to a festival goer: mini  torches (I know right?! Everyone needs a mini torch at a festival) and water bottles that don't have those little caps at the top that you can chew off/get your lip pinched in. People were amped.

From here, Nash and I made our way up to see the Brandsrock crew at the Cuervo Bar. (Don't say "tequila" say "Cuervo") Look, I don't really know how to put into words the debauchery that hundreds of shots of Cuervo can put into motion. At one point, I was drinking a cocktail of the following: vodka, orange juice, Red Bull, Cuervo, margerita, and ginger ale. And you know what, it was delicious. Kind of. And by "delicious" I mean "not the worst thing I've ever had to drink".

Maybe these pictures, taken at the photo booth will better illustrate the level of Cuervo-induced awesomery that was happening up there:

Click the photo's to enlarge

Just have a look at my timeline from the 29 hours we spent up there:

Tweets from Koppi: 

"@NatalieRoos: Chatting to some bands for @OmusicCom. I like this place"
"@NatalieRoos: About to give away some rad @OmusicCom merch at the Skellum stage. Albert Frost up next. Bring your friends and come"
"@NatalieRoos: 25 million Cuervo shots already purchased at Oppikoppi (I made that figure up)"
"@NatalieRoos: 53 000 Cuervo shots have been consumed at the Oppikoppi by me, @bangersandnash, @texxonfire, @rudi_cronje, @Stormin_, @JordanLSKY so far"
"@NatalieRoos: Imagine a bath full of Cuervo. That's where we are right now. A bath. Full of Cuervo"
"NatalieRoos: All statistics being Tweeted by me right now are not correct. In statistical terms"
"NatalieRoos: Just dropped my phone and sunglasses on the floor of a portaloo @oppikoppifest. Contemplating suicide"
"NatalieRoos: 'Ek is Halfrikaans' - @wrighteousmike""
"@NatalieRoos: 'Do you know what I just saw? I saw a man that was so drunk he set light to his own dreadlock' - @HelenRaine"

In between all this Tweeting, I made it to the Bruilof stage for Not My Dog.  They. Were. Incredible! I really was blown away and I think they are one of my top acts of the festival. Desmond And The Tutu's was another of my favourites. You just cannot help but have a good time when they are on stage. Everywhere you look, people are just jamming and dancing and having fun. They are like the Pied Pipers of South African festival goers.

We did eat at some stage too. Of course, we had the potjie. From the potjie hippies. The evening ended off at the small bar where Nash bought all kinds of strangers drinks. Eventually, eventually, we made our way back to our tent just as the small bar was closing. 

Then. Sunday.

My goodness. I honestly have never felt that ill. I ventured out of the tent for some sustenance, Wrestlerish, and a little fresh air. The rest of the day was spent in the tent. Being pathetic, listening to the bands from a distance, and watching Step Brothers on ipod. I couldn't even move. All I wanted to do was go home. I was so ashamed at being beaten by Koppi. I fact, I had to phone my mom for a little talk to help me feel better.

By the time Monday rolled around, I think most people were very grateful to be heading home. The excessive dust, crowds and fatigue had managed to get to even the best of us, and even the thought of the journey home seemed a bit daunting. 

11 hours, one plane, 4 cars and a KFC Fully Loaded Box Meal later , we were finally home. Between the relief of finally being on the couch, and the overwhelming memories of our phenomenal weekend, I was suddenly struck by another emotion: bleakness. And somehow, even in my state of illness and delirium, I wanted to go straight back and do it all over again.

On Monday, I've got a sneaky little video for you to have a look at...

Thanks to everyone who made Koppi so incredibly rad. Omusic, Cuervo, Brandsrock, Nash, Stormin, Jordan, Rudi, Kelly, Helen, Mike, Francois, Jannie, Wessel, Coreen, Matt Black, Liesl, Nechama, Cath... you all made it too phenomenal.

Ps. I'm still ill.