Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Dear Two Kaftan...I Want To Wear You Every Day

I get all the stuff I wear on JIP from this amazing store in Rosebank called Rozanne & Pushkin (but I only get to borrow it and then I have to give it back to Rozanne or else her shop would be bare). Yesterday at the shoot, I got to wear this beautiful dress and I loved it so much that I went home wearing it.

It is so comfortable and flowy and such a perfect cut. It drapes in all the right places and makes me feel feminine and cool. I found out on Twitter that it was made by Caren Waldman. She and her sister Gina, are the owners of Two. I then went to stalk their website and make wishes every hour on the hour that I could someday have their entire range in my closet. Have a look at some of their beautiful stuff for Summer 2011.

It is all so beautiful!... But the kaftan dress that I bought is definitely my favourite style. I'm going to have to get a few more in different colours...since I've already worn this one two days in a row.

You can follow Two on Twitter here Like them on Facebook here and try on and purchase their clothing at Rozanne & Pushkin. They also have their own store in Parkhurst at 54 6th Street.

But this week only Two is hosting a pop-up SALE on Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 2 Irene Road, Illovo. Hurry and get there before I buy all the kaftans and there are none left for you!

Monday, November 28, 2011

509 Days Of Summer

I promise that this is the one and only breakup post that I'll be doing. You don't need to worry about me posting Adele song lyrics and pictures of broken hearts. Not after this, anyway.

Breakups suck. They suck so much. They make your heart hurt and your stomach tie up into big, horrible, painful knots and they keep you awake at night. You can't eat (which isn't entirely a bad thing), you can't stop checking Twitter and you can't stop hoping for your phone to ring. Breakups make you wish that you'd never fallen in love in the first place. They are embarrassing. And they make you a little bit crazy.

But, they happen, and eventually you will be fine again.

It's horrible ending something with someone you love. It's even more horrible when you can't do it in person. And even more horrible thinking about packing up your home and the life that you have built together and having to start all over again. By yourself. And it's horrible knowing that you've lost a circle of friends. Because the girl can never stay friends with "the boys". And that hurts.

I've had a really tough 20 days. In fact, I cried and cried for 20 days without ever stopping for more than a couple of hours. I cried so much my eyes thought they were going blind. My eye skin was puffy and red and looked like it was near the end of it's tether.

But eventually, on the 20th day, after I was finished wishing it could not be over, and finished being angry and finished being hurt, I could start being ok. I could stop crying and I could wear make-up again without fear of it ending up in a big, streaky mess all over my face. I could start to look back at our relationship and remember it for the beautiful, wonderful time it was... but I could also start to see it from an outside perspective. I could watch it like a movie. I was no longer living it.

For 509 I was the happiest I've ever been. I was loved and adored and looked after. I was never put second to anything and I felt like I was living in a world where love was perfect and lasted forever. But as with all good things, this one has come to an end and regardless of how much I might not have wanted it to, its time to accept that it has.

Every relationship teaches us some valuable lessons and this relationship was no different. This relationship taught that love never lasts. It is not a constant. It is a feeling...that eventually becomes a conscious decision. Love doesn't just go and go and make everything perfect when it isn't perfect. There will come a time when it needs to be decided upon, and sometimes you need to make yourself remember when life gets in the way and you think you're not in love anymore. You have to say "I love this person and this is just a phase and I need to get my shit together". And if you can't do that, it will all come tumbling down. This is the biggest lesson.

This relationship also taught me that every single thing I want in a partner, is out there. I can have someone who really, truly loves me, wants to spend all their time with me, is honest and caring and faithful and clever. Someone I have everything in common with and can laugh with (and at) and who sees the world the way I do. There are good people out there, and I should never settle for less.

On that fateful 20th day I was lying on the couch...crying (obviously)... and 500 Days Of Summer happened to be on TV. I've seen it before, but I think this time my perspective had changed. It seemed so real and reminded me so much of what I was going through. So I stopped feeling sorry for myself and only remembering the relationship to have been this perfect fairytale.

I played scenarios over and over in my head, seeing them from a different angle. I think that when you find someone who is so perfect for you and who you love so much, you become completely petrified of something- anything, not being perfect. You overlook things and you ignore things and you pretend everything is still perfect. And you convince yourself that everything is perfect. You don't want to be the one who says "Something is not OK and I think we should work it out" so you both just carry on and try not to let the other see you're doubting the relationship.

And then one day, you are forced to admit that things weren't as perfect as you were pretending they were. You feel betrayed and hurt and abandoned... And then after a while you become grateful that you didn't have to be the brave one who had to admit it first, and hurt someone you loved. And somewhere along the line, the knots in your stomach start unravelling and you manage to get some sleep again.

I am still hurting and I still wish things didn't have to be this way. But I don't have to cry anymore tears. I still have to move out and I know that will hurt a lot, but I think I am resigned to it now. I have yet to see him, and I can only imagine that it will feel like a giant explosion inside my body and my skin will go hot and my heart will leap into my throat and I'll have to run off and have a good little cry before facing him again. And I cannot even imagine hearing about, or seeing him with someone new. But I am fine for now. Which is a nice change.

I like him. I will always have love for him. And one day I hope we'll be able to have a beer and remember all the festivals we went to together....although, we probably won't.

And if I am able to admit it to myself, I am kind of looking forward to being able to breathe again. I haven't been able to do that in a while.

No one will probably even read this. But I feel better after writing it.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Rhett & Link, My Two New Favourite Internet People

Rhett and Link are two Americans who travel around America making commercials for small, American businesses. Their company ilovelocal allows Ameicans, to nomiate other Americans to have their own commercial made by Rhett and Link.

Rhett & Link
What I love most about these videos, is that they are made by Americans, for Americans. Watch these to see what I mean.

The Red House Furniture

"I'm a black woman, and I love The Red House" - my favourite line, complete with sexual delivery by said black woman. Genius.

Cuban Gynecologist Car Salesman

"Cubahahhnliha pogynhecologo kjomersiadjfklaskd" - everything he said.

Epic And Honest Mobile Home Commercial

"My wife's boyfriend hit me in the face with a fence post. So if you don't buy from me, it ain't gonna hurt my feelings." - Honesty.

Rhett and Link, just making American dreams come true. One American at a time.

MK MVP: My Top Picks

Wednesday night saw a collection of strangely dressed, slightly drunk chain-smokers in the VIP Lounge at Monte Casino's Cinema Prive. Why was this impressive collection of young South African creatives gathered at a cinema, of all places on a Wednesday night? Oh, just to view the launch of 12 of the hottest new music videos South Africa has to offer. You know, the ushe.

MVP works like this: MK invites bands and production companies to submit treatments for music videos that they would like to make. MK then sifts through all the entries (this year had 200), eventually choosing their final 12, who then get a budget of R60 000 to produce the video of their dreams.

The result? A whole new level has been reached in the South African music video industry. The bar has been raised. I see great things in the future of MK's quality.

Here were my favourite videos of the night:

The Frown - The National
Produced by: Magic Factory

Ashtray Electric - Bittersweet Manipulator
Produced by: Motion City Films

Double Adapter - Eat You Alive
Produced by: Mustard Post

iScreamStix -Skitzo
Produced by: Mannequin Pictures

Mr. Cat & The Jackal - Try
Produced by: Man Makes A Picture

From the quality of the song, to the editing, the quality of cameras that were used, the artist performances- everything was way up there with international high-budget videos.

It takes a lot to make a great video and they can often be let down by cheap equipment (due to limited budgets) or on the other side, a brilliant video with amazing equipment and crew can be let down by musicians who aren't being directed properly or just don't give a convincing performance.

I really do feel that all of these videos had every one of the key ingredients for the making of an international quality video.

Congratulations to all the bands, production companies, and MK. I look forward to next year.

Ps. Who else is in love with the girl from The Frown?

Last Train To Nashville: Round Two

If you were at the first Last Train To Nashville event, I'm 100% positive you'll want to be at the next one. If you missed out on the first one (poor you) then you can have a little look at this here video to make you even more bleak:

Did you see yourself in the video? No? Well, there's always alcohol to make you feel better.

Keep your eyes on the interweb and your ears to the ground for info about the next event.

Huge thanks to Motion City Films for the awesome job they did on the video.

Drink This: Darling Brew

I have been a big fan of Darling Brew's beers for about a year now and this weekend I'll be using my talking skills to spread the word about its deliciousness. I'll be at the Neighbourgoods Market in Joburg in the morning from 9am-3pm, and the Food Wine Design show in the evening from 6pm-10pm.

I just love the story of how Darling Brew came to be:

"In October 2007 we left home on a trip into Africa, with the idea to see as much wildlife as possible, our return date undecided.

Unexpectedly 3 days into our trip we stumbled onto an idea that we thought we could bring back to Darling. We met Andre of Sneeuberg Brewery and were inspired by the concept of a microbrewery. Leaving South Africa we found ourselves talking about something we knew little about, beer. Besides wildlife we now had another goal; exploring the different beers of each country we visited. We were expecting to be exposed to varied and interesting beer and branding but what we had not expected was the rise in the size of beer bottles. Having started with 340mls in Botswana, 630ml in Zimbabwe, 550ml in Mozambique, 500ml in Kenya and 750ml in Rwanda our beer drinking appetites had gradually grown the more north we travelled and the hotter it got. Turning south into Zambia the dinky 340ml bottle reappeared, one bottle feeling like half of another and leaving us still wanting. The realisation of our beer in a big bottle was decided.

Returning home was daunting as all our thoughts and ideas had to be turned into a reality, a thing called beer. Our excitement had been shadowing the realisation of what lay ahead. We were prepared for hard work but the challenges of red tape, we didn’t see coming. Our investment began to take shape in the form of a small turnkey brewery. After months of brewing, no hint of our liquor licence and faced with the challenges of a manual system we realised that with our current setup we would never reach our dreams for Darling Brew. We were on the verge of throwing in the towel when we by chance met Chris Barnard, a chief brewer, who agreed to contract brew for us. Chris’ knowledge and passion for brewing beer has afforded Darling Brew the privilege of becoming part of the current craft beer movement.

When we got to the exciting part of branding our beer, we wanted to create a contemporary look. We scoured through the flora and fauna of the area, as well as the geographical features. We kept on coming back to the tortoise and on doing some research we learnt of the geometric tortoise which was not only endangered but it was endemic to the Western Cape too. From there we started playing with words and ‘slow’ struck a chord with us. We knew we didn’t want to use premium beer, handmade or craft beer; we wanted something more meaningful than that. One night after far too much red wine ‘slow beer’ was mentioned and scrawled down amongst our many ideas. Waking up to our notes we realised that ‘slow beer’ was it. ‘Slow Beer’ is not only the name of our first beer, it is our philosophy, encompassing all of our beers, highlighting their slow fermentation process and why people should choose it over mass produced beer. It has also got the minds wondering ‘what is slow beer?’" - Kevin & Philippa Wood

Darling Brew's range has 4 beers: The Slow Beer, The Native Ale, The Bone Crusher and The Black Mist. Each beer is brewed for 5 weeks and has 7 days bottle conditioning time. The carbonation happens naturally inside the bottle, once the cap has been put on, so no added sugars or gasses are added.

Slow Beer
A little like biting into a crunchie. Sweet toasted nutty oats with a mild bitterness. Kind of a biscuit aftertaste. Each beer has a great story around specific endangered animals in the Western Cape. The SLOW label is inspired by the Geometric Tortoise

Native Ale 
A dark unfizzy ale that talks rusty, spicy, fruity, lots of plums with a awesome caramel aftertaste. Label is inspired by the Loggerhead turtle.

Bone Crusher

Great Wit/Weiss/Wheat beer that has a distinct orange peel nose, coriander & lemon grass aftertaste. Wheat is locally sourced from Darling (little dorp on west coast if you didn’t know).Label is inspired by the spotted Hyeana.

And the new addition to the family...

Black Mist
The new dark ale. The barley is roasted at a very high temperature so you getting a lot of coffee, aniseed, liquorices notes with the fruitiness of the ale.

They go for:

R30 for the SLOW & Ale for 550ml bottle
R35 for the Bone Crusher for 550ml bottle
R35 for the Black Mist

A case is 8 beers and if guys want to buy a case its R220 for the SLOW/Ale & R250 for the Bone Crusher & Black Mist. 

R240 for a mixed case.

In Joburg you can find them at the Neighbourgoods Market on Saturday, Norman Goodfellas in Illovo and Riverside Liquors in Bryanston.
So if you are in Joburg tomorrow, come say hello and have a taster. If you into beer, I promise you'll love it.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Watch This: The Help

I went to see The Help the other day. A movie set in the American South about the lives and treatment of the black maids working for white families in the 1960's. Based on the book written by Kathryn Stockett.

After returning to her hometown from four years at University, an aspiring young auther decides to write a book with stories from local maids about their treatment by the white families they work for and it causes a massive uproar in her hometown of Jacksonville, Mississippi.

But this movie, to a South African viewer, means so much more. How many of us can relate to being raised by our demostic worker/helper/maid (whatever you think is PC enough for your own personal taste). How many of us grew up in a world where Apartheid was already a thing of the past, but so vivdly tainted our future.

I cried the entire way through this movie. Shaking my head at both how much has changed, and how much hasn't.

It's a beautiful film and Emma Stone is one of my favourites.

Watch this movie, and try not to feel too guilty. Or too apathetic.

When Good Times Become... "That Time The Escalator Tried To Eat Me"

I am a great fan of shows like "When Good Times Go Bad". You know the scene: An American family is just havin' a gay ol' time in Yellowstone Park, eating their deep fried bacon and cream cheese sandwiches, filming it all on their video camera for the day when they get offered their own reality show. Just mindin' their own business. When suddenly, along comes a little baby bear. The obese thirteen year old son decides to play a game of "tag" with the bear, and before you can say one two three block myself! Baby Bear has made a meal of statistic #1796998 in the "Bear Attack Files" at the offices of the CIA.

When Good Hunting Trips Go Bad...with bunnies

Accidents happen that quickly people. For all we know that could actually be a true story. Who knows? You could be blow drying you hair in the bathtub one minute, and the scene of a "death by electrocution" the next. You could be opening your umbrella inside the house, just for a laugh, and the next thing you know you've sliced clean through the jugular of your unsuspecting neighbour who was popping over for a neighbourly cup of sugar.

I always have these things on my mind. 24/7. Always on the look out for good times to go bad. In fact, whenever I'm having a good time, I've got my mind-swords out, ready to attack at any second...cause you just know a bad time could be lurking behind every corner.

Good thing I have years of experience in the act of anticipating bad times, because this weekend, just when I wasn't expecting it,just when I'd let my guard down for a minute...a good time went bad. And I had to use all my years of TV watching to save my own life.

Everything was going so well. We were out to see Breaking Dawn and our spirits were high. Edward and Bella had finally got married, and the baby had been born safely. We were in a good place.

Suddenly, as we were escalating down the escalators of Menlyn Park Shopping centre, I felt a tug at the bottom of my maxi dress. As I looked down, shock, horror and screaming took over my body as I saw the bottom of my dress being gobbled up by this seemingly harmless machine! Images of my bones sticking out of a heap of my minced flesh flashed through my mind!

Escalators: Fun Weekend Passtime...Or Sinister Death Machine?

"I'm not wearing any underwear!" I involuntarily shouted as I tried to free my boobtube dress from the menacing jaws of this metal murderer. Finally, with just seconds remaining before I lost a foot-or at the very least, a toe- to the churning stairs, I was free.

Relief flooded my body and I wasn't even angry about the grease all over my dress. I was just happy to be alive. I am a survivor. And I have learnt my lesson: Always take the lift. And always wear panties.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Probably The Funniest Woman Around Right Now

I've been a little...let's say "down in the dumps" recently, so I've been watching funny clips on youtube about cats falling off things and babies making noises and being alive and also funny comedians to cheer myself up.

This woman is probably one of the funniest I've seen. If I were more crazy, and knew where all the continents were geographically, this would be me. Introducing to you, my new friend Maria Bamford.

I told you. The funniest. Go feel better now.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I'm going on Thursday night. IAMGOINGONTHURSDAYNIGHT!

Mila Kunis: My Post Apocalyptic Wife

Imagine the world as a wasteland. Only a few have survived the apocalypse. The men are all long gone, having already exploded each other and themselves in their countless attempts at impressing the few women that remain. Some have been assassinated in their quest to create some sort of hierarchy... or sports team. Others just offed themselves when they couldn't come to terms with the fact that they were soft. And the women are left fending for themselves. Travelling in packs of about 6 or 8. BFFE's. Until the leader and sub-leader have a fight over the meaning of the word "democracy", in which case they split into two teams of 3 or 4. Talking behind each others backs and exchanging secrets like this world has no morals.
Fires are everywhere. Burning tires. It is perpetually dark. (I know this from movies) There are snipers around every corner, for reasons none of us can explain. Food is a luxury from our memory files. Each of us is in need of some comfort. The soft touch of a lovers hand. The warmth of another body's heat during the cold winter months. Someone to talk to about our fruitless shopping trip to the empty, parking bay rich mall. We need friends. But we also need someone who is more than a friend...

I shotgun Mila Kunis!

I'll tell you why I've picked her:

1. Her face is more beautiful than Cindarella
2. Her voice is not annoying and I would want her to speak forever
3. She is very funny
4. She likes to jump off of high things like cliffs
5. Her smile would make me forget why I was crying

And that's why I shotgun Mila Kunis as my Post Apocalyptic Wife.

Mila Kunis: My Post Apocalyptic Wife

Imagine the world as a wasteland. Only a few have survived the apocalypse. The men are all long gone, having already exploded each other and themselves in their countless attempts at impressing the few women that remain. Some have been assassinated in their quest to create some sort of hierarchy... or sports team. Others just offed themselves when they couldn't come to terms with the fact that they were soft. And the women are left fending for themselves. Travelling in packs of about 6 or 8. BFFE's. Until the leader and sub-leader have a fight over the meaning of the word "democracy", in which case they split into two teams of 3 or 4. Talking behind each others backs and exchanging secrets like this world has no morals.
Fires are everywhere. Burning tires. It is perpetually dark. (I know this from movies) There are snipers around every corner, for reasons none of us can explain. Food is a luxury from our memory files. Each of us is in need of some comfort. The soft touch of a lovers hand. The warmth of another body's heat during the cold winter months. Someone to talk to about our fruitless shopping trip to the empty, parking bay rich mall. We need friends. But we also need someone who is more than a friend...

I shotgun Mila Kunis!

She seems like she would be a good choice. She's funny, she likes jumping off of things, she looks rad in clothes from the 70's and she can do ballet. And yes, I am aware that she is all the way over in the Americas, but what's a little globe trotting when it comes to you post apocalyptic soulmate?

Thursday, November 10, 2011

The M-Power Cup NB! This Post Contains Talk Of A Womanly Nature. Boys: Read At Your Peril

I've been meaning to post this for a while now, but I felt a bit weird about posting something relating to a woman's menstrual cycle on my blog. But then I remembered that every single woman on Earth (barring those past menopause) has to deal with her period every single month of every year. And every single man on Earth is going to come into contact with talk of periods at some stage in his life anyway, regardless of how much he tries to dodge the subject. So, I might as well post this, as I do believe it could change a few women's lives. Pus, this is my blog and I can post whatever I want on it.

I want to talk to you about the M-Power Cup. The M-Power Cup is a silicone cup that replaces the use of tampons and/or pads in your life. 

The average woman uses up to 1200 tampons/pads over a 5 year period. At around R2 each, that's quite a bit of cash. Add to that the fact that tampons are not bio-degradable, and contain harmful chemicals and bleaches that increase blood flow and exacerbate cramps. Now multiply that by every woman on Earth and imagine the damage we are doing to our planet.

The M-Power Cup is a medical grade silicone cup that can hold up to your entire cycle in one insertion. It holds up to three times the fluid of a tampon or pad and because it creates a suction seal, it can never leak, which means a more peaceful night's rest and a worry-free summer around the pool. It's also perfect for girls who practice a lot of sport or yoga.

Its Bio compatible which basically means that it does not harm your own living tissue. And because it contains no chemicals or bleaches it helps to alleviate period pain.

The cup works like this: Before insertion, you fold it in half, then in half again. Once inserted it unfurls and sits comfortably creating a suction seal. It only needs to be changed twice a day. Once removed, you rinse it in cold water using a mild, fragrance-free soap. At the end of your cycle you boil it in a clean pot for 5 minutes and store in a safe place for next month.

This little thing has absolutely changed my life. I've been using it for about a year now and I never have to worry about embarrassing situations, I can swim with it and I only have to change it twice a day. It saves me money and discomfort and is helping to save the planet. It's perfect for places like festivals where you don't always have easy access to a bathroom 5 times a day, or in the middle of the night. And even when there's no running water around, it can be cleaned with a feminine hygiene wipe.

The M-Power Cup is available at selected pharmacies that you can find on their site, or can be ordered online and it only costs R265 and lasts for 5 years.

I don't see why periods have to cause so much trauma in our lives. Did you know that in some rural parts of South Africa women (60% of women!) do not have access to sanitary hygiene products, causing them to spend up to 5 days of every month living in unhygienic circumstances and often unable to perform daily tasks. Girls miss 5 days of school a month-20% of their school year! All because they are going through a normal cycle that every female everywhere has to go through.

But the people at M-Power Cup are helping women to live their lives by using our donations to give these women their own M-Power Cup and their dignity. A donation of R195 from you means one M-Power Cup for one impoverished woman in South Africa.

I know this is an awkward thing to be talking about on such a public platform, but as women we are always made to feel that so much about our bodies is "dirty", when in fact, its completely natural. I would suggest this product to any woman with complete confidence and pride in my womanliness.

I Blame The Moon

Have you ever had a monumentally huge fight with your boyfriend, eaten an entire packet of nik-naks dipped in cream cheese and then burst into a flood uncontrollable tears for no apparent reason (besides the fight and the nik-nak guilt), throwing your hands into air and shouting at the sky "what's the matter with meeeeeee?!" I know, me neither. (I have

Me. Post nik-nak fest and fight.

The truth is, there is nothing wrong with you (us). You cannot be blamed for your actions. You are only a victim. A victim of nature and it's ever changing cycles. One such cycle, and perhaps in fact the most important one, is that of of the moon. You might think I'm just looking for excuses for your (my) lunatic behaviour BUT it really is scientifically proven that the moon can have a negative effect the human body (it's not).

In fact, the term "lunatic" actually originates from "lunar". One only has to look at the effect that the moon has on the tides to realise that water on earth is greatly affected by its cycle. Now remember that the human body is made up of 75% water and the human brain made up of 70% water. I know, its all making sense now.

Furthermore, in history it was believed that werewolves, vampires and other scary, ghouly creatures were all influenced by the moon. According to folk lore the moon can also have an influence on fertility, since the female cycle is 28 days long and the moon's cycle is 29.53 days long. And according to some ancient traditions doctors would refuse to operate on a patient during a full moon due to excessive bleeding and high
risk of complications.

Police, doctors and mental ward nurses are all said to be wary around the full moon as there seems to be an increase in odd cases at the time of a full moon (only in America, though). In fact, some local new stations (in America) even broadcast warnings around the time of full moon.

There you have it. Scientific proof (speculation) proving beyond reasonable doubt, that you are not to blame for your lunacy. So the next time you feel like you are losing your mind, just have a little look up the sky and check to see if it is in fact, all the moon's fault.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Cooking Lessons For Boys: Recipe 2 - Awesome Steak And Onions

 So far in Cooking Lessons For Boys we've had two lessons and one recipe. Today I'm going to give you my fail safe recipe for an Awesome Steak And Onions to go with that mash in Recipe 1.

It's pretty important to buy a good quality steak (and preferably organic) from an actual butcher, but if you are lazy then just make sure you get a nice one from the supermarket.

You will need:
1 pan - try get yourself a good griddle pan or if not, a thick bottomed non-stick frying pan
2 onions
a lemon
olive oil
salt pepper

Slice up your onions nice and thin and add them to the pan on a medium heat. Add some olive oil and a couple of teaspoons of butter. Once they start sizzling turn the heat down to very low (mark 2 on the stove) and cover the pan. Leave the onions for about 15 minutes. They should be clear and very soft. Now add about 2 teaspoons of sugar and cook for another 5 minutes. Remove them from the pan. Now turn the heat up very high and allow your pan to get super hot. DO NOT ad any oil to your pan. Splash some olive oil on your steak, squeeze half a lemon onto it and grind a whole lot of black pepper over it-NO salt yet. When the pan is smoking, put the steak on the heat and DON'T turn it until you can see the blood come to the top of the steak. Its very important that you don't turn it until this happens. Once the blood has come to the top, turn your steak over and let it cook for another 4 minutes. Remove it from then and leave it for 5 minutes on a plate before you cut it. After s minutes, squeeze some more lemon over it and sprinkle a nice amount of salt. Have it with the mash from Recipe 1 and your onions. YUM.

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

Christmas is not far away now, and the shops have been decorated since the beginning of October. I've been playing around with some Christmas bunting (which I might be selling on my blog pretty soon) and its the first decoration I've put up in my house this year.

I found these awesome Christmas tree ideas on Pinterest and might make them both, just for good measure. Last year was the first time I'd ever had a "real" Christmas tree and it was so special. The smell is incredible and I baked some cookie decorations to hang from it so we spent December snacking off our tree.

via Pinterest

Monday, November 7, 2011

Cooking Lessons For Boys: Lesson 2 - Basic Foods

Welcome back to Cooking Lessons For Boys. If this is your first time, click here to have a look at the posts I've done in the series so far.

In the last lesson, I talked a bit about a few basic kitchen terms and what they mean. Today we are going to have a look at how to cook a few basic foods that you'll be eating a lot of, like boiled eggs, rice and baked potatoes.

So let's get started.

Boiled Eggs

Fill a small pot with cold water and place the egg(s) inside. Put it on the stove on a high heat (mark 6 or 7) and set a timer for 15 minutes for hard boiled, or about 12 minutes for softer. If you want the yolk to be really runny, set the timer for 10 minutes.


Rice is actually very easy, but lots of people get it wrong. Bear in mind that 1 cup makes enough for about 4 people.

You will need:
A microwave safe bowl (this is called "Pyrex" and you can buy it anywhere like Clicks or Pick 'n Pay)
1 cup of rice (remember, a tea cup is "1 cup", not a coffee mug)
A microwave

Place the rice in the bowl and put enough water in the bowl to cover the rice with about 1 cm of water extra. Add a pinch of salt and cover with the lid. Now, set your microwave to about 750 watts. You probably have a 900 watt microwave so just look on the settings where it says "Power" or "Medium" something like that. Otherwise just keep pressing buttons till it says "750" on the screen. Now cook the rice for 20 minutes. If you take the rice out and there is still too much water in it, drain the water and put the rice back for about 5 minutes without the lid. If the rice is too dry, pour about half a cup of water into it, put the lid back on and put it in for another 5-8 minutes.

Baked Potatoes

You can do these in the microwave too. Poke your potato a couple of times with a fork (this is very important cause the potato could explode), then place it in the  middle of the microwave. Cook for about 7 minutes. If you're doing more than 1 potato at at time, increase the time by about 2 minutes per potato.

I hope you try one of these out today. Let me know how it goes.

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Friday, November 4, 2011

UPDATE: Love Your City? Show The World And WIN! NEW EMAIL ADDRESS

If there's one thing Capetonians love more than talking about which high scool they went to, it's taking photos of their city. Uploading them onto Hipstamatic and sharing it with them friends. Now thanks to Lee, all that photo taking can finally have a purpose!

This is how it works:

You take a photo of your favourite thing about your city. The thing you find most beautiful. The thing you want to share with the world. So for Capetonians it would be sunsets.

Then you send it to and you could win a Sony Ericsson Xperia pro and R3000 worth of Lee clothing.

ALSO your photo will appear on a range of limited edition "City Is Mine" t-shirts. How rad?

ALSO the top 10 photos will be on exhibition at the "City Is Mine" rooftop parties in Cape Town, Durban and Joburg.

So you'd better get snapping then.

Drink This: Brewers & Union Kreechr

In celebration of Puma's entry into the Volvo Ocean Race they, along with Cape Town's favourite craft brewery &Union have created a limited edition new brew called Kreechr. Only 600 cases were made and we were lucky enough to taste a couple at the launch last night.

It really does have fruity, biscuity, honey flavours that make for a deliciously easy drinking, sweet lager that 's still crisp enough for a hot summers day.

You'd better hurry if you want to get your hands on a couple of these. I imagine the limited stock will only last a few weeks.