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MK Awards 2012: The Nominees Are

If you're back at the office and feeling sad because its January and there's nothing to look forward to except the though of beans on toast for the next 2 weeks and a card in your postbox from your pervert neighbour on the 14th of February...then I have something to cheer you up.

Let me ask you this: Do you like South Africa? Do you like music? Do you like it when good people win prizes for doing phenomenal work? Do you like having the right to vote?


This year's theme is all about sparking a revolution. Not a bad way to kick off 2012, I think. The awards take place up North this year, at the Pretoria State Theatre on 23 March. With 11 categories and countless favourites to choose from, you better get voting, as it closes at 12:00 on the 1st of March 2012.

Today I'm posting a few of my personal favourites in every category, with links for you to click on so I can save you time and energy in the voting process, and make sure the best band wins. Get clicking.

Best Video

Winterstasie - Los My
Directed by: Tristan Holmes

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Best Newcomer

Bittereinder - Ware Verhaal
Directed by: Louis Minnaar

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Best Group

This is a really tough one, as it's a really important category in my oppinion. A bit too big to take lightly. Which is why I'm posting all the videos for your enjoyment. Decide carefully before you give your vote away.

Van Coke Kartel – Ondier Kom
Directed by: Louis Minnaar

Shadowclub – Good Morning Killer
Directed by: Jonathan 'Josh' Clarke

Zebra & Giraffe – Undo These Lies
Directed by: Zebra & Giraffe

Die Heuwels Fantasties – Buitenste Ruim
Directed by: Tristan Holmes

Bittereinder ft. Tim Beumers – Slechte Mensen
Directed by: Louis Minnaar

aKING – Catch Alight
Produced by: Am I Collective in collaboration with Egg Films (Kevin Fitzgerald & Jon Ronbeck)

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Best International Hit

Mumford & Sons - Little Lion Man
Directed by: Ben Magahy

Mumford & Sons - 'Little lion man' from Ben Magahy on Vimeo.

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Best SFX/Animation

Mr Cat & The Jackal - Bad Man Comin
Produced by: Yesterfang Puppetry & Animation, Flyinghorse Photography

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Best Rock

Taxi Violence - Heads Or Tails
Produced by: Enigma Productions

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Best Indie

GAH! This is an incredibly difficult choice! Not only am I friends with a few of them, but every band in this category has done incredible work over the past year. Again, I'm going to have to post them all, and you're just going to use your own brain (I know!) to pick your favourite.

Ashtray Electric ft. Gazelle – Release
Directed by: Xander Ferreira & Misha Taylor

Yesterday’s Pupil – Too Tired To Disco
Directed by: Louis Minnaar

Dance, You’re On Fire – Boxes Of Tigers
Directed by: Paul van der Walt

The LA Els – Soulkiller
Directed by: Devin Carter

Wrestlerish – Bodies Of Water
Directed by: Zee Ntuli

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Best Hipster

Holiday Murray - Jirey
Directed by: Luca Vincenzo

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Best Dance

Bittereinder - Slechte Mensen (feat. Tim Beumers)
Directed by: Louis Minnaar

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Best Radio Hit

Tuks FM - KONGOS - I'm Only Joking
Directed by: KONGOS

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Best Live Act

Viewers have the opportunity to nominate any artist/band for the Best Live Act category.

To cast a vote:

‘Like’ the MK Facebook page at
click on the ‘Live’ tab
Voting on Facebook and Mxit for the “Live” category puts viewers in line to win a Hyundai i20

Foto Na Dans

Taxi Violence

Voting has officially begun, and will end at 12:00 on 1 March, 2012.
Join the revolution, make your mark and vote:

MK Awards Voting

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