Monday, April 2, 2012

So, Lately...

I've been thinking about all these things:

- The view of the harbour from my apartment is pretty amazing to watch as the sun rises
- Actually, I just can't eat wheat. Not even "just this once". Unless of course my idea of fun is being doubled
   over my ulcer pains
- Shameless is probably the next thing I'm going to be obsessed with
- Being alone and being lonely are not the same thing
- Gay Best Friends are people who should be cherished
- Girls from the Southern Suburbs aren't nearly as scary as I had first imaged, and they really make for pretty
   wonderful friends
- I should (and I am going to) ride my bike to work more often
- This year has probably been the most I've ever grown as a person, and I am quite pleased with that
- You can try and try and try to show someone that they are doing something the wrong way, but until they
   see it for themselves, you really are wasting your breath
- Living in Woodstock means that taking a taxi to town is finally financially viable
- Just because you can cook for and look after someone, doesn't mean they owe you anything
- Heels are absolutely wearable and actually do make you feel pretty sexy
- It is absolutely imperative that my lingery match if I'm going to have any chance at a good day
- The attributes you love the most in people, are also the attributes you will at some point hate the most
- Getting up at 6am on a Sunday makes your weekend that much longer, and offers some beautifully quiet
   bits of Cape Town for you to explore
- Sometimes, you just get a bout of Booze Psychosis
- Followed by Booze Losers Complex
- I am probably going to give in to my iPhone envy with my next upgrade
- There comes a time when you don't even feel like online stalking someone anymore. And then you know


  1. This post has made me sad. Or perhaps it's that I feel sad already and, in reading your post, I can relate to a lot of what you've said: this year has probably been the most I've ever grown as a person too. The attributes you love the most in people, are also the attributes you will at some point hate the most. I love Shameless too (but never got to see the end of the very last season because of the breakup of my relationship). Sounds so retarded and I'm sure that if I had to explain to people, in general, what it is that's taken the ground from under my feet they'd tell me to fuck right off and rememer how fortunate I really am... but this post... today... resonated with me in a really big way. Just wanted to share that with you

    1. Thanks so much for your comment. Cause I suppose that's what really makes writing these posts worthwhile. Knowing that someone out the in the world wide interweb is feeling the same things that I am. It's nice to know I'm not the only one. I hope it's nice for you to know you're not the only one either.

  2. The last entry ... The most liberating feeling in the world ...

  3. So many things to relate to, been finding it so difficult from a guys point of view to deal with a complete breakdown of a marriage, especially when it's unexpected and you have the notion of "harden the f*#k up" constantly drilled into you by society.
    Thanks for offering a brief respite to the crappiness of life at the moment.
    p.s on a different topic, any suggestions for a cab company from Woodstock side?