Thursday, November 29, 2012

Virgin Active Wellness Wednesday: WIN A 3 Month Membership At VA & Your Own Summer Transformation

In case you don't know, I'm currently hosting a competition for you to WIN your very own Summer Transformation. This awesome prize hamper includes pretty much everything you need to get yourself looking and feeling fantastic this summer- including a 3 month Virgin Active membership.

You could WIN:

- a hamper of products from Dove
- a bottle of Bio-Oil
- a set of hair extensions from Clip-In Hair
- a pair of heels from Madison Shoes
- a pair of slops from FitFlop
- a hamper of products from BuchuLife
- a hamper of makeup from Inglot
- a QMS facial at The Spa at Cape Grace
- a 3 month membership at Virgin Active
- a pair of Skechers GoRun running shoes
- a summer wardrobe from NEUW

I've had some absolutely incredible entries so far and the competition is still open until the end of tomorrow. I've received emails from women from various walks of life- moms, students, working girls... All telling me why they need their own Summer Transformation. What has really blown me away has been the realisation that we are all in exactly the same boat. 

We all wish we had more time to exercise. We all wish we had more money to spend on products. We all wish we had the willpower to stay away from ice cream. We all want to be happy with the way we look. It's so important to remember that giving up is not an option. When you're feeling down and wishing you could be somewhere wearing a ski jacket instead of having to put on a bikini- don't seek comfort in a plate of slap chips. That's only going to make you feel so much worse!

This prize is going to help you realise that looking after yourself is one of the best ways to feel good about yourself. No matter what shape you're in, making an effort makes you feel that much more confident. Even just 30 minutes in the gym will leave you feeling proud, excited and all endorphined-up! That's why I honestly think that this Virgin Active membership is the best gift I could give to any girl's self-esteem.

So if you need your own Summer Transformation, click here for details on how to enter.


  1. I sometimes forget that most of us go through the same emotions. It's so easy to look at somebody and to think 'wow, she's got it all'. But you don't know what's hiding in their heart.

    I completely agree that exercise makes the world of difference! Now I just have to get my behind off the couch!

    Thanks for a great comp xx

  2. Ah so we are all normal then ;)