Tuesday, November 27, 2012

WIN! Your Own Summer Transformation

Over the past couple of months, my friend Fran and I have been furiously working toward "bikini comfortable" bodies for summer. We've been working out, eating healthy, using great products and learning more about our own bodies along the way. I mean, we've obviously also been eating unhealthy, skipping workouts and drinking wine. But we've found some balance.

It's meant so much to us to have this project to work on in the lead up to summer. There's nothing like the motivation of a friend to keep you going when the going gets boring/exhausting/too much of a pain. Some days I ate bad things. Some days I didn't want to get into the pool, but I'm still doing a lot more to look after myself than I was ever doing before.

I've learnt more about nutrition, exercise, my body, the products that work for me and my own willpower than I can fit into this post. This project has been an incredible journey so far- and it's not over yet. I've got just 20 days left before we finally get onto that plane and make our way over to Thailand! But you know what, I'm feeling confident. A few weeks of really staying away from refined sugars, saturated fats, wheat, gluten and alcohol and I know I'll be ready to hit the beaches.

This transformation hasn't just been about losing weight, obviously. It's been about finding a healthy routine (swimming with a coach Tuesdays and Thursdays), setting new challenges for myself (taking part in my first 1000m open water swim in years), learning which foods work for my body (gluten and wheat = death) and learning about products that work. It's been about clear skin, toned arms, and a happy body.

The fantastic thing about this project, is that with the help of a few incredible brands, we are able to give you the opportunity to have your own summer transformation, getting you looking great and feeling comfortable enough to spend this summer in your bikini!

We're giving away:

- a hamper of products from Dove
- a bottle of Bio-Oil
- a set of hair extensions from Clip-In Hair
- a pair of heels from Madison Shoes
- a pair of slops from FitFlop
- a hamper of products from BuchuLife
- a hamper of makeup from Inglot
- a QMS facial at the Cape Grace
- a 3 month membership at Virgin Active
- a pair of Skechers GoRun running shoes
- a summer wardrobe from NEUW

That's pretty much everything you'll need to make sure you don't spend this summer wishing you'd worked a little harder before bikini season hit. We all want to feel comfortable in our own bodies. And I've found that the more you care for your body, the better you feel about it.

As women we are brainwashed into thinking that if you're not model skinny, you should just pretend your body doesn't exist at all. But the truth is that the models are not the norm - we are. And no matter what shape or size you are, as long as you are comfortable with the way you look, you look amazing! 

To WIN this AMAZING prize:

Send me an email with My Summer Transformation in the subject line and let me know why you think you need your own Summer Transformation.
Tweet a link to this competition and include me.
Send your entries to

Competition closes 30 November and is open to SA, but some prizes are limited to Cape Town. 


  1. Wow! Natalie, this giveaway is beyond amazing! XXX

  2. This makes one look forward to summer! Very excited :)

  3. Oooh la la! Such an awesome giveaway!

  4. Denise Helen GordonNovember 28, 2012 at 1:32 AM

    oh my gosh what a fab competition!

  5. Bring on Summer!! Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. Love it. Brilliant post. Brilliant competition.
    Excuse me while I hit the gym.

  7. Rehana Seedat what an awesome giveaway. Have tweeted @online61524 and emailed my entry. Holding thumbs! Would make my day to win this awesome giveaway

  8. This is too cool!!!

    Entered and tweeted!

  9. Today is decision day! Holding thumbs and doing my lucky dance like a loon in my office this morning.

  10. Cannot wait for the winner to be announced. *crosses fingers*

  11. Winning this would mean the world to me! It would be the cherry on top to my year. This year has been hectic so i think i deserve it. ;) I haven't really been at my best, with women just a slight weight gain can drive us insane so yip my confidence needs a huuge boost! My husband is amazing and by me pampering myself to these amazing gifts will mean being better for him soo Make me the happiest person and choose me pretty please?!! :D

  12. Retweeted & mail sent. Great comp!