Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Online Shopping Is The Way To Go This Christmas

Supposedly, this is the "most wonderful time of the year". But for most of us, it would be more accurately described as "the most stressful/expensive/exhausting/headache-inducing time of the year". Work loads are on overdrive, bodies and minds are tired and credit cards have been swiped thin. 

Hell in a red and white disguise.
The thought of having to spend your weekends dragging yourself and, most likely, your unwilling partner through offspring-infested shopping malls in search of the perfect gift for everyone in your family, office, book club and Secret Santa Society is enough to put you off Christmas for good.

But really, you don't have to ruin your whole December like this. You could be lying on a beach somewhere this weekend, listening to Christmas carols on your iPod whilst ordering gifts for your whole family on your iPad. Online shopping is something we should all be embracing, especially at Christmas time. has pretty much every gift you could need for anyone you've ever met AND they deliver, most items within 24 hours.

If you're stuck for ideas, they've got some pretty cool ideas on their Pinterest Boards for every member of your family. Check out the boards and click the image to link straight through to the item on their website.


I'm going to be running a few competitions with over the next few months, so make sure you enter if you want to win some fantastic DVD's. 

Loot just sent me this AWESOME Christmas Gift: Downton Abbey, The Complete Collection.
The DVD Box Set includes Season 1- 3 plus the Christmas Special. Hello Downton Marathon! If you haven't watched any of this series yet, I'm not sure what drama series you've been entertaining yourself with. But I can assure you, it can't be as good as Downton.

Set in the Yorkshire Countryside in the 1930's, Downton follows the lives of the upperclass Crawley family and large staff of servants. The series has won both Golden Globe and an Emmy Awards and has had a record number of 27 Emmy nominations. 

The show is beautifully shot and offers a welcome break from the sex-fuelled, gratuitously violent American shows we seem to have so much of. The characters are incredibly well written and the subtle British humour is an absolute treat. I am completely obsessed with this show. The best part of any box set is, of course, the special features. Obviously, this would be the ideal Christmas gift for anyone with eyes and a DVD player.

I've got one of these fantastic box sets to give away to one lucky TOAM reader. Here's how to enter:

1. Visit the website and have a look through the products on the site
2. Let me know which product you would buy for your boyfriend/girlfriend in the comments section
3. Lastly, Tweet the link to this competition and include @NatalieRoos and @lootcoza 

*Competition only open to South Africa
*Competition closes Tuesday, 11 December 2012
*Also make sure you check out the Loot Facebook page where they run awesome competitions every



  1. My husband and I are big readers, and his current favourite author is Deon Meyer, so I'd buy him the latest book, 7 Days.

  2. My bf is like a grown up boy, so probably a Final Fantasy game for his Nintendo DS.

  3. Roxanne ChutthergoonDecember 4, 2012 at 1:52 AM

    I would get the "That's Racist" DVD by Trevor Noah - South African stand up comedy at its finest :)

    I have also tweeted - @Roxi_23

  4. My husband loves James Bond, so I would buy him the 'Best of Bond' cd, with the music from the Bond movies over 50 years!
    (Tweeted, @vintagekitchy)

  5. I'm thinking it will have to be a PS3, so the big kid has a new toy to play with. Add to that some Black Ops 2 and Far Cry 3. And some Buckyballs as a stocking stuffer. :)

  6. I'd buy the boyf Far Cry 3 for Xbox so he can stay out of my hair when I'm trying to watch chick flicks and drama series (he always passes comments on the sort of things that keep me entertained, but hello Xbox keeps him up all night) and an even bigger bonus is that we just moved to our own place and have TWO tv's so that we can both stay entertained until we want to entertain each other ;)

    I tweeted @_kerry_berry_

  7. P.S I watched two episodes on Downton and loved it (the only reason I stopped was cause the IT guy at work moaned at my buddy from Cape Town and I for putting series on the server, eeeeek!)

  8. I would buy my hubby The Best of Bond CD so I could also enjoy it!

  9. Rehana. Seedat I would buy the best of bond . Have tweeted as well @online61524

  10. I would get my boyfriend the complete box set of Friends! What a classic show. Plus, it would kind of be a present to myself, too :) We both love it!

  11. I would buy him the Lost:Complete Collection (Dvd/boxed set). It is his all-time favourite tv series and would score me some awesome brownie points!

    I have tweeted: Imrah A

  12. I would buy my boyfriend the first season of Homeland because everyone has been raving about it and I'm sure he would love it. I'm sure I'd love it too... :)