Thursday, April 26, 2012

Rad Client Service From ghd

So last week, the unthinkable happened... I plugged in my beloved ghd and instead of hearing it's trademark "beep-beep-beep" signalling life and good hair in my near future... I heard what can only be described as "electrical static". And that was it. The light didn't go on. My boss wouldn't give me a sickie. Apparently "having a bad hair life" is not a valid excuse for disability pension. Lame.

Anyway, I got hold of ghd to see what my repair options were. I have never been more pleasantly surprised in my life. ghd Head Office SA sent a courier to my office to collect my ghd and sent it for assessment with their magical fixer team. Another 24 hours I received an sms informing me that my ghd has been assessed and a replacement will be dispatched to me within the next 48 working hours.

Well played ghd, well played.

And this is why I am passionately brand loyal.

Cat Found!

Someone (American, obviously) found a cat and put up a poster to try find it's owner. I think "someone" had been drinking a little heavily and hit their head on the stupid tree...

Mmm... A little lesson in animal science:



Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Vintage Chic Inspiration

This weekend I'm going to a wedding with the dress code "Vintage Chic". I love the idea of dressing in something gorgeous and vintage inspired and the cold weather is perfect for it. I've got some pictures together that form the inspiration for my look.

I'm wearing a little lace shift dress in a creamy colour with a vintage faux fur jacket from my Winter 2011 Bastard Child range. Because it's going to be cold I'm adding a pair of knitted cream knee socks with wedges. For my hair I'm just doing wrap-around braids and for my makeup I'm doing a flawless skin with a heavy winged eye- very 60's-esque.

It probably doesn't make sense in your mind's eye right now. But it's going to come together once it's on my body. You just wait and see.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Latest Obsession: Healthy Lifestyle (2 days in)

I started my third round of Adventure Bootcamp at 6am yesterday and as I sit typing this the muscles in my legs and bum dread the next time I have to stand up. I am stiff, tired and constantly hungry...and it feels awesome. I've never been very fond of exercise. But since I started working 9 hours a day in an office, I've started to see the merit of getting outside and throwing your muscles into gear. Getting up at 5:30 is a bit of a push, but as soon as I'm there, I really really enjoy it.

As with everything, I have become passionately obsessed with my new healthy lifestyle (two days in) and have sworn off drinking in the week, eating wheat and consuming dairy. For the next month at least. I got myself some decent running shoes which, I must admit are already making the world of difference. There's something to be said for these high tech running shoes everyone swears by. And I've just returned from Wellness Warehouse, after spending a small fortune on protein shakes, rice milk, and wheat free snack biscuits (naturally).

I've also recently rediscovered Quinoa (say: Keen-waah) and man, am I searching Pinterest for interesting recipes. Quinoa is something of a Wunderfood in my eyes. Quinoa is a strain of grain and even though it's family of beets, spinach and tumbleweed (???) it actually tastes quite delicious. That's to say it doesn't really taste of anything at all, but it takes on the flavour of whatever you add to it. And it has a nice texture.

It also happens to be pretty darn healthy. It contains tons of protein and it tricks your body into thinking you're eating carbs, when really you're filling your belly with protein and other good things like iron, magnesium and dietary fibre.

I eat it with pretty much everything. For any meal. In the mornings, I eat it as a breakfast cerial/porridge; as a salad for lunch or as a carb substitute for dinner. I've found some awesome recipes online, which I'll share with you over the next few weeks. But for now, let me share a recipe of my very own making. It's really delicious and super healthy. In fact, I count it as a negative-meal. Meaning it doesn't even count as a meal. (This is absolutely NOT scientifically correct)

Peanut-Protein Quinoa Breakfast

What you will need:

Half a cup of cooked quinoa (here's a basic recipe if you don't know how to cook it)
Rice milk/almond milk
Sugar free peanut butter
Creamed honey
Half a banana

Warm up your milk (you can use cow's milk too if you like, as I said I'm just trying to stay away from dairy) and pour as much as you like into your cooked quinoa. Add a teaspoon each of honey and peanut butter and slice your banana into the mix. Now eat as much as you like. (Jokes) The quinoa and peanut butter are  great protein and the banana is full of potassium - I have this in the mornings when I get home from Bootcamp.

Adventure Bootcamp runs camps all over the country. Check out their website for info on camps in your area and rates. And for winter (June & July) they are offering a rad package deal where you get two Bootcamps for a special discounted rate. Come on. It's much harder getting thin before summer than it is to stay thin through winter.

Monday, April 23, 2012

My Weekend: 20-22 April

My weekend really started on Thursday night, when Miss Kelly and I went through to the opening of the new Lindt Chocolate Studio in Cape Quarter. As soon as we got there, I knew it was going to be a big night in terms of fun activities for my taste buds. I arrived to huge bowls of Lindt balls, Lindt macaroons, pistachio truffles and chocolate martini's-complete with Lindt ball "olives". And that was just the beginning.

Chocolate sculptures, white chocolate bourbon vanilla ice cream pops, topped with French meringue and blow torched right in front of your eyeballs... white and milk chocolate mousse, custard-filled √©clairs complete with a speck of gold leaf... It's actually all too much to comprehend. Even the mayor was there, dipping her hands in chocolate cement.

I had come straight from work so I was wildly under dressed compared to the other guests, most of whom were in cocktail wear. So I spent most of the evening trying to look cool while eating myself into a chocolate stupor out of the way of the Top Billing cameras and sipping on a glass of bubbles.

I had to leave early, which was devastating, but I did leave with the world's most incredible goodie bag. Packed with chocolate as well as a voucher to attend one of the chocolate courses the studio offers. Definitely using that soon. Also happening soon: Me going back to sample more of their new selection of Lindt ice creams.

Friday night started with dinner at Saints Burgers (disappointing) and then the Converse Take It Outside Party which was not disappointing at all. We arrived just as Desmond & The Tutus started their set and didn't leave our spot until they had left the stage. We took a walk around the party and I think it was pretty amazing. It's not easy keeping the hipster rock 'n roll kids, electro kids and hip hops kids all happy, all the same time...but I think Converse did an awesome job.

Saturday morning was the perfect weather for a walk to the Biscuit Mill for breakfast followed by a spot of shopping and my second time watching The Hunger Games. I just finished the book, and I have to say that the movie is even better once you've read it. I am devouring book 2 and 3 in preparation for the next two movies. Also saw the preview for the final Breaking Dawn movie. Can't deny the fact that I am pathetically excited to see it.

This left me just enough time for one of Terence's infamous Grape Safari's on Sunday. We went out to visit Moreson for some bubbles and lunch. The tasting was great and we sampled their entire Miss Molly range, which I love. But the real highlight for me, was the lunch at Bread & Wine.

Now I have sampled my fair share of anti-pasti platters in my life. I've never met a wooden board laden with cheeses and meats that I didn't love at first sight. But this, was something that can only be explained in images of wide eyes and watering mouths. Everything-from the bread, to the cheeses to the chutney and the pizza, the salads, the meats...everything was absolutely phenomenal!

Then came the dessert platter...goodness me. Macaroons, lemon meringue marshmallows, delicious, chewy nougat... I have to stop. I am drooling and it is awkward.

Seriously though, I suggest you make the time to visit this gorgeous farm. The wines are incredible, the food: see above paragraph, and for your eyeballs to feast on, they have an exotic plants greenhouse full of the most beautiful orchids you have ever seen.

If they weren't more difficult to look after than a human child, I would totally have take one of the blue ones home with me.

So, that was my weekend. How was yours?

Shit Your Girlfriend Says

I have NEVER said ANY of these things.

Also, I am a pathological liar.


I'm not.

I am.


via @inole_

Friday, April 20, 2012

Daydrinking Friday: WIN Tickets To The Wine Show

Last week Ms Hook and I were invited to an event for The Wine Show at Salt Vodka Bar in Bantry Bay. It was an unusually warm evening and the sunset was amazing. It's very naughty of me not to have taken any pictures, I know, but I was so busy drinking wine and having a good time that it completely slipped my mind.

The event was a tasting of some traditional favourites from a few of the estates that you'll find at the show.  
The Wine Show, launched in 2006, "welcomes everyone from connoisseurs to wine novices and aims to show that you don’t have to be a connoisseur to enjoy a good glass of wine". Now isn't that pretty much exactly what we always talk about on this blog? Exactly.

The wines we tasted at the event were:

Bovlei Pinotage Rosé Secco
Bovlei Sauvignon Blanc
Bovlei Merlot

Blaauwklippen White Zinfandel
Blaauwklippen Zinfandel
Blaauwklippen B&A (Before & After)

De Krans Pink Port
De Krans Tawny Port
De Krans Reserve Port

We were really suprised by their reasonable prices. The Bovlei bubbly for instance, retails for less than R40! The ports we tasted were delicious and I'll definitely be stocking up on a couple of those for winter.

The Wine Show takes place in Joburg from 4 to 6 May and Nelson Mandela Bay from 8 to 10 June. Dawn Wing will be there to offer a courier service which means that you could literally buy hundreds of cases of wine and not have to worry about carrying them around all day. (Or making Grandma sit in the corner to watch over them while the rest of the family drinks.)

At the Joburg Show, you'll be able to taste over 1000 wines from over 150 producers. For an additional R20 over and above the R100 ticket price, you can gain access to the WineExtra & IWSC Gold Lounge. The lounge will showcase wines and spirits that have been awarded Gold Medal status with tutored tastings and theatre sessions.

John Woodward, the Director of The Wine Show says: “Our aim at The Wine Show is to strip away the
snobbery from wine and prove to visitors that you don’t need to be a connoisseur to enjoy a good
glass of vino. In South Africa we are blessed with a multitude of local wines to suit every occasion,
meal and mood.” My sentiments exactly, John.

Tickets are available from Computicket. For more information visit The Wine Show's website.

I've got two sets of double tickets to give away!

How To Enter:
1. Comment below and tell me what your favourite wine is, along with your name and email address
2. Tweet about this giveaway and remember to include me (@Natalie Roos) and a link to this post

*Competition open to South Africa only. Tickets are for either the Joburg or PE show, depending on 
  where the winner lives.
*Competition is open for one week, closing on Friday, 27 April

DaydrinkingFriday: Steenberg Winner

Lucky you, Simon!
A cheese & wine tasting for you and 9 and a case of Catharina Red is all yours, courtesy of Steenberg.
I expect to be one of your 9 friends 
and I'd like a bottle of the booty for my wine rack, please.

New Running Shoes

I ended up getting the new Skechers GOrun shoes for my entry aback into the world of fitness. I start Adventure Bootcamp at 6am (eeek!) on Monday morning and I must say I'm pretty excited to get back into the world of moving body parts- this sitting-behind-a-desk-all-day thing is not great for my general bum region.

The GOrun shoes are light weight, flexible, sockless (perfect, as I only have about three pairs) and have a  low, dropped heel - keeping you closer to the ground and replicating a natural "barefoot" feeling.

Also, they are most definitely NOT hideous.