Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Introducing: Assembly Radio

I have always loved The Assembly. Not just as an awesome night time party venue, but as a brand and identity too. They are the first and the last word in live music in Cape Town. A household name under the indie kids, hipsters, electro scene and rock music fans alike.
I've always loved/hated the See You Next Wednesday posters.
Love the brand!
Hate how hot the girls are (jelly).

I've seen some pretty amazing performances and had some pretty unforgettable nights at Assembly over the years and I for one am incredibly stoked to see the brand branch out into something the whole of SA can tap into: Online radio. 

There are some very exciting, very interesting, very talented people getting involved with this new venture and I cannot tell you how proud I am to be one of them. I will be hosting a show on Thursday nights from 
6-8pm with Rick Bosch (The Professor) and Nash as my music compilers. You can expect features on incredible local and international bands and interviews with some of SA's most interesting individuals.

Tune in to Assembly Radio
Launching 2 July 2012

I'm Having Blonde Thoughts...

I am seriously bored with my hair at the moment. I wear it in a bun every single day. (Some days I break tradition and wear it in braids) It's at a very in-betweeny length and I miss being a mermaid. My hair guru, Jodi from Scar has suggested I go back to blonde. She says, and I quote: "I believe you should be blonde."

Here are a few images I found on Scar's Pinterest board...seriously... I'm leaning heavily toward blonde...

What do you think?

How Clever Is Lauren Fowler?

My gorgeous, super talented friend Lauren Fowler drew us this beautiful illustration for our new home. I have called it Wolfboy Loves Catgirl and it is of Nash and I. I think Lauren did a beautiful job and really managed to get a bit of each of our features into our spirit animals faces. I do have a bit more beard in this picture than I do in real life, but then I also have whiskers, so.

Lauren does amazing illustrations which you can buy for your own home as prints or buy them for all your friendies as gift cards. She also does some super special x stitch work and sells sweet little x stitch kits for you to play with at home. Check out Lauren's work on her website here and follow her blog here.

Gift Cards



Wedding Stationery

X Stitch

Monday, June 25, 2012

Current Obsession: FUN

A few weeks ago FUN's album Some Nights landed on my desk and I have proceeded to listen to it on repeat ever since. I now know every word of every song. Their name pretty much sums this album up: pure FUN. 

The band is based in New York and Some Nights is their second album. Their single We Are Young went massive and was all over the charts worlwide. The song has been featured in lots of popular American shows like Gossip Girl (S5E24), 90210 s(S4E24), Glee (E"Hold On to Sixteen") and Chuck (E"Chuck Versus the Baby") which has no doubt lined their pockets nicely.

My favourite song on the album is probably the title track, Some Nights. Watch the video below:

Instagram Diaries: 15 - 25 June

At left: The red wine. And on the right: The water.

Moving Day. Before and After.

Moving Day Fashions.
Shoes: Converse high tops. Shirt: Vida @ YDE. Jersey:  Mr P Boys section on sale for R10.

Goodbye Harbour View

BABYCAT at the office

Shopping for the new house.
Spending Nash's money like its my job.

All packed and ready to go.

Loading Bay Burger Thursday

Marc Perel's socks.

BABYCAT having a nap on my laundry.

This guy seems confused.

Best. Love the label design so much.

Trees are my favourite people to photograph.

What do you know about pms?

Frozen yogurt from Myog in Kloof Street.
Natural flavour with berry sauce and caramel peanuts.


Friday night starting right

Banoffee Pie

Office lunch the Frangiepani way.
Ostrich fillet with poached pears and a reduced red wine sauce.

Yes. That is me eating pizza IN the bath.

Sunday morning shopping at Builder's Warehouse.

Handyman Mellon.

View from the new home.

Worst moving casualty :(

Unpacking party. Four girls, four pizzas and a cat.

My personal Col' Cacchio creation:
Bacon, brie, apple jelly and thyme and some Place In The Sun red to go with it.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Lady Gaga - Coming To A Stadium Near You

I'm not going to profess to being the biggest Gaga fan. I mean, I definitely wouldn't refer to myself as a "Little Monster". But she is one of my generation's biggest pop icons, and just like Britney or the Spice Girls, it's pretty much a once in a lifetime opportunity to get to see her perform live- one that I wouldn't want to miss out on.

The lovely Frangipanies spent virtual hours virtually standing in line for us and managed to secure prime seated tickets. I imagine this is one of those concerts that I'll be telling my kids about when Gaga is as old and sad as Madonna is now. You know, when she's a has-been. Tried and tested. A household name, but past her sell-by date.

And to be completely honest, I do think Gaga is pretty cool. I admire her style and aspire to incorporate small, bite-sized, dramatically watered-down versions of into my own wardrobe. And I don't think she has a winky-winks. And I also don't think she is the devil/the devil's bride. I think she's outrageous and fabulousv and I imagine her show is going to be a real spectacle. And I think she looks pretty sexyfly in these pictures.