Friday, August 31, 2012

Aztec Fantaztec

Excuse the title. I couldn't help myself. I am officially Aztec obsessed. Aztec in brights, pastels, monochrome. Aztec skirts and tops and bikinis and decor! AZTEC EVERYTHING!

Found these awesome Aztec items on Mr P Online:

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Delivery: NEUW Clothes!

I got ridiculously spoiled by the amazing Miss @LadyLeeRider yesterday with a huge box of new stuff for summer from Lee and a few things from a new brand called NEUW. I am so in love with this floral cropped jacket and check dress that I am wearing them today. Together.

I also tried on a few new pairs of Lee jeans and man oh man the fit is great. I'm super excited about the rolled cuff trend since my legs are so short that I normally have to get all my jeans tailored. Not anymore my friends. Short legs are in vogue. I'm also slightly obsessed with NEUW. It's such an exciting and cool brand. I stole these pictures of their Facebook page:

Launching on 36Boutiques next month.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Vogue Eyewear Promo

Vogue Eyewear is running a promo for a limited time where you can get a free mini hair straightener with every Vogue purchase. Vogue Eyewear is available at all Sunglass Hut outlets across the country. The perfect combo for your December holidays - a new pair of amazing sunnies, plus a mini straightener that won't take up too much space in your luggage.

Virgin Active Wellness Wednesday: Healthy Treats For Summer

It's almost time to let our legs out of their winter caves and shine their whitey-whiteness all over the streets as Spring finally comes back around. As you may have seen on my Twitter feed; I'm going to Thailand! Eighteen glorious days of holiday with Nash. 

Obviously, I am now taking very seriously the fact that I have exactly 14 weeks to get into the best shape of my life. Peak physical condition. Basically, I just want to be comfortable in a bikini.

But that doesn't mean I won't be enjoying summer and all it's treats. Ice cream is one of my favourite food groups (along with mayonnaise and Nick Nacks) and I can't imagine a summer without it. Thanks to Pinterest, I've found three delicious-looking ice lolly recipes that are low in calories and high in yum.

1 can of tinned pineapple chunks (you can find light ones with less sugar)
1 can low fat coconut milk
1 banana 
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
blend and freeze

blueberries, coated in Greek yogurt and frozen 
(not quite ice cream, but frozen and yummy none the less)

1 can low fat coconut milk
3 tablespoons of cocoa
1 banana
blend and freeze

Now all I need is a Zoku Quick Pop Maker

this one is from Yuppiechef

Nando's Grillers Challenge 2012

Are you a serious Nando's fan? A "Fando", if you will. Cause I am. I really, really am. I'v posted about them before, here and I even wrote an open letter to Helen Zille requesting more Nando's branches in Cape Town here.

These guys know what I'm talking about.

I consider myself a Nando's expert. Which is why I always stick to the same, fantastically delicious order: Spicy rice & strips, lemon & herb flavour with 2 packets of Nando's salad dressing please. So delicious!

Nando's are hosting a pretty cool event to celebrate Heritage Day, better knows as "National Braai Day": The Nando's Grillers Challenge. The top 40 Nando's grillers-the fearless men and women grilling millions of kilograms of chicken for the enjoyment of Fando's the world over- from around the world will be competing to win the title of World's Best Most Fantastic Chicken Grilling Hero Of The Universe! (I made that title up) at the Africa Awaits 2012 International Grillers Challenge event is Joburg on 23 September 2012.

Do you want to be one of the judges who gets to taste delicious, juicy peri-peri chicken, lovingly grilled by some of the world's most talented grillers? I know! Me too!


They're inviting you/me/us to submit your best grilled peri-peri chicken recipe to their Facebook page and you could win a spot on the 2012 International Grillers Challenge judging panel - can you imagine all the chickeny deliciousness?!

You'll be treated to an all expenses paid VIP weekend in Joburg (22-24 September) where, besides tasting millions of delicious grilled foodstuffs, you'll be sandboarding, wining and dining and taking part in other such fun activities.

To enter head over to the Nando's page and submit your recipe.

Nash and I are having a Grilled Chicken Cook-off this weekend to see who's got the best peri-peri recipe. He comes from a long line of Zimbabwean peri-peri eaters and claims his dad's recipe is the best in the world. I come from a long line of cooking channel watchers, plus I stole this recipe for the world's most amazing prego sauce a while ago, which I am going to adapt for my peri-peri chicken.

Natalie's Winning Peri-Peri Recipe


- Fruit & Veg City's "Chippies Sauce" (this is absolutely vital. it has to be this brand of sauce. this is an
  age-old, sacred family recipe and must be respected) in Mild, Original an Garlic
- 1 bottle of decent white wine
- 1/4 cup of lemon juice
- cloves of garlic, crushed
- 1 juiced lime

What to do:

In a pan, boil the white wine until about 1/4 has evaporated. Pour in the sauces and cook for 5 minutes. Add the lemon juice and enjoy.


Tweet me @NatalieRoos with your best peri-peri chicken tip and WIN a R150 Nando's voucher. I've got two to give away.

Wrangler Spring/Summer 2012

Find Your Edge

This season Wrangler is celebrating their seven unique icons, characteristic of their awesome denims.

One: The Watch Pocket

In it's early days, Wrangler commissioned tailor Ben Lichtenstein to create a range of shirts, jeans & jackets. One of ‘Rodeo Ben’s initiatives was a deeper watch pocket with a curved, ergonomic shape. The pocket’s high opening along with the waistband gets sealed by a belt, meaning that anything you
keep in there is securely shut away. Anything...

Two: The Flat Rivets

Using rivets to secure denim jeans at key points of strain helps to keep them in one piece. But this method has always caused trouble, scratching furniture, car seats & saddles. Wrangler’s smooth flat rivets don’t scratch. They give jeans a refined aspect, they’re more comfortable & they prevent
damage. So your saddles are safe. And so are your car seats.

Three: The W Stitch

Introduced in 1947, the W stitch defines Wrangler. Each pair carries two‘W’s -initials that represent ‘Western Wear’. Look for the ‘W’ for an authentic, quality pair of jeans.

Four: Reverse Fully Felled Yoke 

Folded ridges of fabric at the seams are characteristic of jeanswear, but Wrangler makes this feature functional. By creating a downward lip at the back yoke, above high back pockets, your wallet is prevented from slipping out.

Five: The Patch

The right back pocket of Wrangler jeans has carried a patch since 1947. Initially this patch read ‘Blue Bell’s Wrangler Authentic Western Jeans’. Today the name Wrangler stands alone. Representing tough, top quality authentic denim garments.

Six: The Rope Logo

Wrangler’s rope logo signature is one of the ultimate icons of jeanswear. The rope is a symbol of action. Wrangler jeans are designed for the outdoors. For freedom of movement. For survival! The rope identifies Wrangler as the original American outdoor denim brand. But you can wear them in South Africa too. Even though we already know how to survive.

Seven: The Seven Belt Loops

11MW, the first Wrangler jeans, debuted in 1947 with seven belt loops. Unlike the traditional five belt looped jeans, Wrangler’s seven looped jeans ensure your belt is held securely in place. Giving you the best & most comfortable fit.

Find Wrangler on Facebook here and Twitter here.

Key Trends For Spring/Summer 2012

When it comes to trends, I'm a bit of a fence-sitter. I love being "trendy" as much as the next girl, but I've never been one to throw out my entire wardrobe and start from scratch every time neon is "making its comeback". In fact, I really hate the neon trend.

This summer seems to be about three things: colour, print and colour. And while I can deal with print, I'm sot so sure about this colour thing. Perhaps it will come to me once the sun is shining and summer finally wraps my body in her warm and comforting arms.

I've picked a few of my favourite summer trends and selected some key items that I'd like to incorporate into my wardrobe from Mr P Online. As for my least favourite trends of the season, the list could go on forever, but I've narrowed it down to my absolute most-hated which you'll find below the looks that I love.

Favourite Summer Trends SS2012/2013

The Bra Top

I love this trend. Worn with a high waisted skirt or pants, a bra top accentuates all your most feminine features: collar bones, shoulders,boobs and waist.

Flor Bra Top from Mr P Online

Studs & Spikes

Studs are everywhere! I've always had a little punk influence in my wardrobe and I love how sexy this look is. I especially love studs on very feminine pieces, like a sheer blouse or bra top. Zara has studded pretty much half their stock so you can definitely find some amazing pieces there.

Studded bra top. Its like Trend Heaven.

Animal Print


Animal Print Pump from Mr P Online

Maxi Skirts

So sexy and comfortable, I think I'm going to be spending a lot of time in maxi skirts this summer. Paired with a white t-shirt or vest and a cropped denim jacket, this look can easily go from beach to bar.

Neutral Maxi and Wrap Maxi both from Mr P Online

Gold Shoes

Golden feet. Such an awesome way to add a little glamour to a look. Not for everyone, but those who get it right look amazing.

Gold Tipped Brogue, Gold Wedge & Heart Pump from Mr P Online

Floral Skinny Jeans

Can one EVER be skinny enough to pull of floral skinny jeans? As much as I like them, I'm too scared to attempt this look.


I prefer classy to sexy, so I obviously thinks that the sheer trend is the best thing since girls started covering up their g-strings again. With this trend, you can go as far as you like; from a teeny tiny mini under a sheer maxi skirt, to little boyshirts and a t-shirt bra under a sheer dress. Personally, I'm a fan of the bra top under the sheer button-up.

Sheer Button-Up With Contrast Collar from Mr P Online

Tie-front Sheer Top from Mr P Online

The Striped Blazer

I'm really loving blazers at the moment. Stripes are big this summer and I love the look of this striped blazer with rolled up sleeves over pretty much anything.

Striped Blazer from Mr P Online


I am totally obsessed with the Aztec trend. It's my favourite trend of the season and I love that it's an easy way to get some colour into my wardrobe. I'm also a fan of the mixed Aztec prints look. Full post on my Aztec obsession to follow.

Aztec Bodycon Skirt form Mr P Online

Worst Trends SS2012/2013


The WORST! Unflattering on any body shape and completely nonsensical.

Who wore it best?

No one.


It should have come back last time. It shouldn't have come back this time. The fashion world is playing a cruel joke and everyone who wears neon in this day and age is the victim.

WTF are you people? Pieces of candy?