Thursday, February 28, 2013

Thanks Scar, For My New Hair

I recently decided to go back to blonde. I've had dark hair for a few years now, but I've grown bored of it and it was time for a change. Gone are the days though, where I could shave off one side of my hair, or colour it pink and purple. I'm part of the real world, where people have real hair colours in various shades of blonde, brunette and ginger. And I've made the decision to never cut my hair again as long as I live. So that's off the table.

I called Scar and made the appointment while I had the nerve. If you've ever done it, you'll know that going from dark to light can be pretty risky. You are really pretty much putting your social life in the hands of your stylist, so it's really important that you can trust them and be sure that they know what they're doing. Luckily, that's exactly how I feel about my stylist, Carlos. He's not like those stylists who ignore your pleas of "just a tiny tiiiiiiny tiny bit off the ends" whilst gaily chopping off the six centimeters you've been growing for the past 24 months.

So last Friday I sat down in front of Carlos and told him to make me blonde. Or blonder than brunette. Four hours and a few nervous glances from Carlos later, I was about three shades lighter. And I had fringe to go with the new colour, too.


I honestly trust Scar absolutely and I knew that Carlos, knew exactly what he was doing. He wouldn't allow me to pressure him into going lighter than he knew was safe for my hair and he didn't even mind staying late on a Friday. I really love Carlos. He's a great hair stylists and a pretty awesome guy, too. When he's not making people look amazing at Scar, he's cycling. Or Tweeting about cycling. But he's much cooler than most cyclists.

I asked him some questions that I thought we might like answers to. Here's what he said:

The man in action

1. You're are a straight Afrikaans boy from Bloemfontein. How did you get into hair styling?
I am exactly that haha my mother has been a hairstylist since long before I was born, I literally grew up in 'Maison Costa' until I was 11 years old. after trying a few different jobs during my gap year I knew I definitely wanted to do hair.

2. Where and what did you study? 
I studied hair and cosmetology at Motheo FET college in Bloem part time for 3 years, went to college 1 day a week, and worked at Maison Costa 5 days a week during that time, constantly attending courses to better myself.

3. What is it about Scar that made you want to work there?
Unlike most salons, management lets you be yourself and there is no drama what so ever amongst colleagues. As a result, pure art is produced. which meets international standards at the same time without a doubt. I like that the creative space I work in means my work is constantly challenged and therefore; it just gets more and more interesting.

4. What's your favorite kind of styling job to do? Cut/colour? 
Everything except fingerwaves haha! I enjoy cutting more this week; last week I enjoyed colouring more. I couldn't choose.

5. When you see someone with really bad hair, how do you hold back from saying to them "I can help you"? 
How did you know that?!
(I actually do briefly go up to them and tell them what I think would be better and hand them my business card.)

6. Going from dark to light is pretty risky. How can girls (and maybe guys, I don't know) go safely from dark to light without having their hair fall out in orange clumps? 
Make sure your hairstylist is educated and concerned about the health of your hair.
You can save the condition of your hair by lightening only 1 to 3 levels at a time and letting the hair rest for about 3 weeks in between. People don't realise that treating it at the same time helps damage/breakage. If you come in; lift only 1-3 shades and TREAT - you can save your hair!! No point coming in, hearing that its a bad idea but then still doing it - only to have the hair break off...

Use non permanent colour, unless you're 50% grey.

Everyones hair is different and thus needs different combinations of protein and moisture (homecare products) your stylist should be able to guide you here.

Don't use box colour, ever! The more box colour you apply - the more layers of cheap colour you are adding that are difficult (to impossible) to lift..

7. What are your favourite products at the moment?
Wella SP Luxe argan oil. The new scar dark range with argan oil, its sulfate free and perfume free.

8. Which celeb do you think has the best hair? 
I like the fact that Katy Perry keeps changing her hairstyle and colour without damaging it too much.

9. Which celeb's hair would you most like to get your hands on?
I'd like to give Karl Lagerfeld a nice short style.

10. If you weren't in the hair business, what would you be doing? 
Contrary to belief, definitely not IT. Wholesale foods with my dad I suppose.

Thanks for taking the time to answer those questions for me Carlos. And thank you for making me a blonde again. Although, I haven't stopped fantasizing about going even lighter, so we might have a case of blondorexia on our hands.

If you're looking for a hair salon in Cape Town, I highly recommend Scar. Not only is everyone in there is remarkably good looking, they are super talented too. To make an appointment call 021 422 5900. Also, follow Carlos on Twitter here.

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  1. I went to Scar after seeing everyone rave about them on Twitter. The first person I met was Kelly, who has been my stylist ever since. She has totally free reign with my hair, she tells me what she wants and not the other way round. She haaaated the ginger I came in with and has been determinedly lightening my hair a little more for the last six months. But she's informed me we're going dark for winter. What I like most though, is that she's aware I have a tight budget and she's excellent at keeping costs reasonable.