Friday, March 1, 2013

WIN Tickets To RAMfest 2013 -CLOSED

I've already expressed my extreme excitement over RAMfest coming up and the opportunity to see my absolute favourite band, Rise Against. Man, it's going to be so awesome. I also promised you a ticket giveaway, and here I am, delivering on that promise.

I've got a single tickets to give away for the Joburg festival and a single ticket for Cape Town. I'll be running another competition next week giving away another ticket for each city, so basically what that means is that if you want to go with you bf/gf/bff/ you will BOTH need to enter BOTH competitions, to increase your chances of each winning a ticket. I like to make things difficult like that.

How to enter:

1. Comment below and tell me:
- which city you live in
- which band/s you're most excited to see
- also leave me your Twitter handle so I can Tweet you in you're the winner

2. Share a link to the competition on Facebook and tag me (Tails Of A Mermaid) or on Twitter and
    mention me (@NatalieRoos) so that your partner in crime can enter too.

Good luck! Winners will be notified on Twitter. Winners must be over the age of 18 years.

To buy tickets visit the RAMfest Facebook page.



  1. Johannesburg, Rise against ( No questions) and double adaptor.

    ( Please I would love to win, we can arrange a bribe;))

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  3. Sorry my last post was pffffttt

    Anyway. I live in Cape Town *Air punch*
    and I would kill to see FUZIGISH!!! I havent seen them live in EONS !! and I'm very sentimental about the band but being broke aint no fun;(

    please help me out? *whimpers sadly*


  4. Hey my name is Matthew. I live in JHB. I would have to agree with you, If i could go to Ramfest One of the many great bands i would love to see will also be Rise Againts. Appart from Rise Against's melodies and lyrics being totally AWESOME, i also realy love what they as a band stand for :) my twitter name is @Matthew_Britz . PEACE.

  5. Joburg.
    RISE AGAINST!!!!! (Really holding out there is a lot of material from Revolution Per Minute!)

    See you kids in the moshpit!

  6. Amy Taylor, Cape Town Baby :)

    Goodbye Wembley, Rise Against, and Sex on Decks. But there are just SO many beautiful names to choose from, if i win tickets I'll be running around frantically!! :)



  7. I want to go to Cape Town Ramfest to see RISE AGAINST!!! @Madameme_B on Twittererer. Also, I love cats. Hah.

  8. Cape Town

    RISE AGAINST !! Its been my dream to see them live since I started listening to them a couple of years back, and I don't have a ramfest ticket :'( (no cash either)

    My twitter is @lilzfromearthx :)

  9. CapeTown RISE AGAINST !! cant wait. hopefully my wallet (or this competition) allows me to get there!
    @NatalieRoos, Love @harold_durnez

  10. I'm most excited to see Rise Against at Johannesburg Ramfest baby! :) @Jamills007

  11. I Live in JHB.
    Ill be in CT.
    Rise Against.

  12. I don't know how anyone can be more excited about a band that isn't Rise Against! The Ramfest guys have outdone themselves this year and I'm so looking forward to it after tragically stupid circumstances forced me to miss Awolnation last year.

    @AnyaFK (Cape Town)

  13. Jo'burg :D
    I'm uber excited to see BMTH, Rise Against, Pendulum AAAND Double Adapter ! :'D
    Please pick me. D:

  14. Afternoon Natz,
    I'm from Pretoria and Joburg,
    I'm uber amped to see one of the best rock bands ever Rise Against!!! and Pendulum is going to be off this planet too!!
    Due to recession I have to ask You for a ticket so that Blom and Roos can go rock out at RAMfest!

    Thank You
    J Blom

  15. Cape Town. I have a ticket, trying to win for a friend. Rise Against. Amped. Also want to jam with DJ Sideshow.
    Tweeted and shared on fb.

  16. Melissa here.
    I'm from Cape town.
    I'm soooo excited to see Bring Me The Horizon and Rise Against!
    I'm @Lulunananaaaaaa on twitter.
    Sooo please let me win a ticket?? I'll bring you cookies? :D

  17. `.Allo!

    I sure do hope a winner hasn't been picked yet.

    This broke part-time student / full-time Hermit sincerely wishes to attend RAMfest to see Rise Against this year.

    There have been all sorts of things keeping me from going (as it happens every year, for some craptastic reason) and I'm still trying to live down missing In Flames last year. Ha.

    Now I don't get out much, and I'm not all that social and altogether not very metal. This is simply an epic chance to get out there and have an all-out ADVENTURE. Which would be fantastic.

    So I have to try. I do. Yes.

    I'm over on Twitter: @The29thCore
    (Good look to all these other folks, too.)

    1. Also! I'm trying for a Cape Town ticket.

      Figures I'd forget to mention the most important thing.

      The venue's about 70km from here.
      Heck, it used to be in the neighboring town, and I STILL haven't been able to make it...

      It really just feels horribly silly how I just can't seem to make it to one of these.

  18. I'm desperately wanting a Cape Town ticket!

    The band I'm most excited to see would have to be Bring Me The Horizon because it was the first metal band I got really into and also because I'm rather in love with Oli Sykes.. except that he has a weird haircut now which I'm not too impressed about. which makes me think I only loved him for his hair. (thats probably not true though)

    If i ever get to see Oli Sykes live (which hopefully now I will!)I'll definitely go mental and try to jump all over him.

    I really really would love this ticket, it will make me the happiest person on earth :)I'll do anythinggg! haha

    twitter: @jessi_tee_

  19. Aloha.

    I really want/'need' a ticket for Cape Town (I have considered food rationing to afford a ticket).
    When I was 13 I heard Rise Against's Prayer of the Refugee and I fell in love- it's something I'd bleed for to see to live.
    And Bring Me The Horizon is on the bucket list.


  20. I'm entering on behalf of my brother, @Jasondkay.
    I've been listening to him listen to Bring Me the Horizon and Rise Against for years, and I'm about 100% that this will make his life.
    We are from Cape Town and he's most excited to see Bring Me the Horizon and Rise against

    @nikkideekay or @jasondkay

  21. I am in Cape Town and I will have to go with Rise Against:)

  22. Ahoy Natalie!
    super fucking amped to see Beast.sure they"re going to own the show. Cape Town. @BollieJack

  23. Ok. Took me awhile, but I figured it out.. ;-D

    Hells yeah! Totally agree, most looking forward to seeing Beast unleashed & devouring anything else that might consider themselves even remotely resembling something that could pass as competition.
    Cpt. PLEASE? ;o)

  24. Heya!

    I would LOVE to see Bring me the Horizon! I cannot wait, it is going to be incredible. Plus it would be great to spend a weekend with my bf & our friends camping without the worry of paying for a ticket!

    Cape Town please :)


  25. hi!

    Im most excited for Bring Me The Horizon, they are one of the bands that I have been dying to see!

    Cape Town Tickets pls!


  26. Hello hello!
    I'm entering because my man and I LOVE Rise Against - and a lot of the SA bands, especially Pestroy - and we're REALLY battling to get the cash together to buy tickets. It's an extremely sad state of affairs. We CANNOT MISS RISE AGAINST! Sorry, I'm not shouting at you... :)
    It will be. It will happen... but maybe you can help it along a little, ya know?
    Twitter: @kopykatastrophe
    Show: Jozi, baby!

  27. Hey, I'm Rowan (@rowanfoxcroft), super amped to check out Rise Against and BMTH!
    I've been living like a bergie to try hustle a ticket, so hook me up!

  28. Cape Town// Rise against// @Roxanne37


  29. Hellooo! I live in Jo'burg and would be as excited as a teen at a Bieber show to go to Ramfest! Super keen to see Rise Against and always love to support and see our very talented local musicians including Pestroy, Fuzigish, Rambling Bones and Shortstraw :) Holding all panda thumbs and toes and hope to hear good news via the Twitter machine soon! My handle is @AndreaCaunter :)